"Stories of the dragon Zildrog predate Izax's pantheon. In the earliest legends, Zildrog was a guiding mentor who tested the strength of a warrior's spirit. A fallen warrior would be consumed by the dragon, feeding its everlasting power. However, a victorious warrior was rewarded with the Breath of the Dragon. This boon imbued a soul with burning fire, lighting the way to a fortuitous future. During the height of the Old Ways, Zildrog was one of Izax's many forms--a terrible beast that brought only death. To most modern Zakuulans, the dragon is little more than a bedtime story about a mysterious creature in the swamps around the Spire. But a powerful syndicate of zealots in Breaktown who call themselves the Heralds of Zildrog wait for the creature's second coming. Led by the Exalted, the Heralds worship Zildrog as a god and maintain a shaky truce with Emperor Arcann. As long as the Heralds limit their criminal activities to the Old World, the Knights of Zakuul won't meddle in their affairs. However, both parties know this accord is temporary at best. Arcann isn't one to allow dissidence, and the Heralds believe Zildrog's rebirth to be imminent."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

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