Heroic Missions are missions with a slightly greater difficulty than the standard missions on a select world. Oftentimes, these missions are completed in groups of two or more players depending on the area or task to be accomplished. These missions are either open world areas or story areas, and can be identified as such with a "Heroic Area" notification appears above the mini-map.

HEROIC 2 or 2+ missions can be completed with a group of just two people, but also can have advanced difficulty for groups of more than 2. HEROIC 4 missions are difficult enough with a full group of 4 people. Sometimes, ops groups of more than 4 people can complete a heroic only if the mission is an open world mission and not located inside a story area.

Experience, rewards, credits and loot from enemies and the missions themselves are much better and larger than those otained from standard enemies or missions.

Heroic Missions by Planet

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Ord Mantell




Dromund Kaas

Taris (Republic)

Balmorra (Empire)

Nar Shaddaa (Republic)

Nar Shaddaa (Empire)

Tatooine (Republic)

Tatooine (Imperial)

Alderaan (Republic)

Alderaan (Empire)

Balmorra (Republic)

Taris (Imperial)

Hoth (Republic)

Hoth (Empire)

Belsavis (Republic)

Belsavis (Empire)

Voss (Republic)

Voss (Empire)

Corellia (Republic)

Corellia (Empire)

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