The Hidden Bek swoop gang, also known as the Hidden Beks, or simply the Beks were the rival swoop gang of the Black Vulkars. The Beks were led by Gadon Thek, who lost his sight in an accident, but received mechanical replacements that allowed him to see well enough to lead the gang.

The second-in-command of the Beks, Brejik, wanted control, and when the accident happened, he thought that Gandon would step down and let him lead. When the older man did not, Brejik left the Beks and took control of the Vulkars, declaring a gang war against them in the process.

The Hidden Beks designed a prototype swoop accelerator, which, when equipped to a swoop bike, propelled the bike faster than it would normally go. However, the accelerator was stolen by the Black Vulkars, who planned to equip it to one of their own bikes.

Revan was recruited to retrieve the accelerator by Gandon, who in turn would sponsor the former Dark Lord in the race. Revan agreed and broke into the Vulkar Base with the help of Mission Vao and retrieved the accelerator, then returned it to Gandon, who kept his end of the bargain and sponsored Revan in the race.

The Beks were presumed killed when Taris was bombed.


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