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High-Tech Savages

Level 5 mission
Jedi Knight Class Mission

Planet Tython
Area [[Jedi Temple
Kalikori Village]]
Start [[Master Satele Shan]]

Mission Chain

Derrin Weller
Icon class jediknight [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders
Icon class jediknight [1] Halt the Assault (Optional)
Icon class jediknight [1] Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple (Optional)

Master Satele Shan

Icon class jediknight [5] High-Tech Savages

High-Tech Savages is a level 5 mission available to Jedi Knights. It is obtained on the planet Tython after players meet with Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, following the defeat of Callef in the Gnarls. This mission is part of the Jedi Knight class story line, and leads players from the Jedi Temple to Kalikori Village.



After completing your mission in the Gnarls, you spoke with Master Satele Shan, head of the Jedi Council. She discussed your encounter with the Flesh Raiders before instructing you to meet with the Jedi Council.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, High-Tech Savages mission description


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