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Hired Outlaw

Hired Outlaw

Level 1 Ranged
HP: 85

Species Human
Gender Male
Planet Hutta
Region Jiguuna
Instance Vexx's Safe House

Hired Outlaws are human mobs encountered by Bounty Hunters within Vexx's Safe House, a class story area found within the town of Jiguuna on Hutta. These gunmen work for Vexx, a criminal wanted for crimes committed against the Empire.[1][2]


Vexx, a Corellian gunslinger wanted for stealing from the Empire, maintains a safe house in Jiguuna, a town located on the planet Hutta. As an added security measure Vexx pays a number of gunmen to protect the location; anyone searching the safe house in the hopes of pursuing Vexx's bounty will have to silence these guards, lest their employer be notified that someone is seeking his head.[1][2]

Mission objective
Icon class bountyhunter.png [1] Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse

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