Hit the Ground Running
Mission kit ground running
Hit The Ground Running
Mission Data
Start Gearbox
End Commander Tavus
Level 2
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Drelliad; Fort Garnik, Ord Mantell
Experience 510
Previous Next
n/a The Spy

Hit the Ground Running is the first mission in the Trooper storyline. The Trooper will gain this mission immediately after entering the game. As the newest member of Havoc Squad the Trooper must destroy a Missile Launcher Cache and then meet with the commanding officer of Havoc Squad, Harron Tavus.


  1. Speak to Gearbox (Automatic)
  2. Destroy the Missile Launcher Cache
  3. Use Your Personal Holocom (Click on Your Holocom Button)
  4. Report to Commander Tavus
  5. Speak to Private Farn
  6. Report to Commander Tavus (Continued)

Speak to Gearbox (Automatic)

When you first enter the game the Trooper will automatically talk to a member of Havoc Squad called Gearbox. You arrive at the planet with a shuttle and are immediately transferred to an APC walker on route to Fort Garnik. Gearbox explains to the Republic trooper that the Separatist have stolen an orbital strike bomb and that Havoc Squad is now trying to find it. The walker however is shot down by armor-piercing missiles, before it reaches the Fort, near the village of Drelliad. With the driver dead and the walker in no condition to move, the Trooper heads of into the village to disable the Separatist Missile Launchers, while Gearbox stays behind to try and fix the downed walker.

Destroy the Missile Launcher Cache

The Republic trooper must now Head into the heart of Drelliad Village to find the Missile Launchers Cache. It is located somewhere in a 50 meter radius from the center of the village. After it is found the Republic trooper must click on it to shoot it and destroy it. When the cache is destroyed you receive a Holocall from Gearbox.

Use Your Personal Holocom (Click on Your Holocom Button)

Gearbox contacts the Trooper via holo to give you further instructions. The Republic trooper needs to click on the Holocom Button in order to initiate the call. Gearbox congratulates you on destroying the cache, but informs you that he did not have much success with fixing the walker. He then orders you to head for Fort Garnik and report to Commander Tavus.

Report to Commander Tavus

The Republic trooper now needs to make his way to Fort Garnik where he must report to Commander Tavus. He is located in the Republic Command center in the middle of the Fort. However before you have a chance to speak to the commander you are interrupted by a private called Farn.

Speak to Private Farn

As you enter the Republic Command center you are interrupted by Private Farn. He asks you what Havoc Squad is doing on Ord Mantell. You can either choose to tell him why they are here or to conceal the information. Either way he let's the Trooper continue onto speaking to Tavus.

Report to Commander Tavus (Continued)

After the Trooper is done talking to Farn, he enters the next room where Tavus introduces him to all the remaining members of Havoc Squad: Wraith, Fuse and Needles. After that he gives the Trooper more information about the bomb that they are searching for. It's a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb. Tavus tells the Republic trooper that they have several leads, but he wants the Republic trooper to focus on one in particular, a republic spy named Bellis. With Bellis being under deep cover he cannot be exfiltrated. Instead the Trooper must meet with Bellis in a nearby village called Talloran. Finally Tavus introduces the Trooper to one final person, an operations officer called Aric Jorgan. The Lieutenant is the one coordinating Havoc Squad's efforts to find the bomb. He will be watching and directing the Trooper on his missions. The Trooper then heads off to Talloran to look for Bellis.


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