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Hitting Where it Hurts

Level 11 mission
Smuggler Class Mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Fort Garnik]]
Start [[Viidu]]
End [[Syreena]]
Bonus Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [9] Stop the Weapons Trade

Mission Chain


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Hitting Where it Hurts is a level 11 mission available to Smugglers. It is obtained on Ord Mantell after returning to Viidu with the chemical compound created by Trymbo. This mission is part of the Smuggler class story line, and takes players from Fort Garnik to the Separatist Stronghold inside Mount Avilatan.


While obtaining the chemical compound developed by the scientist Trymbo in the hopes of distracting Rogan the Butcher, Viidu managed to decrypt the data stolen from the separatist hideout at Mannett Point. The data describes a meeting between Skavak and a separatist leader named Dareg, planned to be held at the separatist base in Mount Avilatan. Skavak intends to sell the blaster shipment to the separatists, and Viidu hopes it will be possible to set a trap before the thief arrives.


Viidu has learned that Skavak plans to sell your blaster shipment to a separatist leader named Dareg in the hidden separatists' stronghold."

"You need to get there before the trade so you can recover your ship and the cargo. Go to the rendezvous point inside the stronghold to stop Skavak from selling your cargo.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hitting Where it Hurts mission description


  • Go to Skavak's Rendezvous Point
  • Choice: "Then I order you to die."
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "Orders are orders."
  • "Stop!" or "This feels wrong."
  • Choice: "I can't just let him go home and pretend like nothing ever happened!"
Light Side Icon.png +100 "So recruit him."
Light Side Icon.png +100 "Think about this."
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "Fine, you win."
  • Choice: "I'll give you a shuttle pass to Coruscant if you let me disappear. Do we have a deal?"
Light Side Icon.png +100 "I guess we do."
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "No need. [Kill her]"
  • "I want more."
  • Bonus reward: Credit.png 75
  • Choice: "Naturally. I always keep some money handy for moments like this. Take all of it."
Dark Side Icon.png +150 "Still not enough. [Kill her]"


Bonus rewards[]

Notable quotes[]

You worthless criminal vermin. How dare you invade my fortress and murder my courageous brothers-in-arms?
~ Separatist Leader Dareg

Dareg was stupid to fight you. He got everyone killed when he should've just told you the truth. Skavak showed up a few hours ago to deliver the guns, but it was all a trick. He pretended to be on our side so he could steal some rusty antique droid from Dareg. Some worthless pile of scrap that'd been in Dareg's family for generations. That droid was ancient--piratically useless--but Skavak grabbed it like some big treasure and blasted his way out.
~ Morant

... Skavak has a girl at Fort Garnik named Syreena. They go way back, from what I've heard. They've been scamming Viidu all along. It was Syreena who warned us you were coming.
~ Morant

He [Viidu] threatened to turn me in to Rogan the Butcher. I had to kill him. Besides, now we can finally be together.
~ Syreena to Skavak via holoterminal

Skavak used me just like he did everyone else--that man could charm the armor off a Mandalorian. Rogun the Butcher's bounty hunters are on their way right now. We don't want to be here when they arrive.
~ Syreena

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