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House Organa
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Noble Dynasty

House Organa is one of the Alderaanian Noble Dynasties fighting to claim the planet's throne following the death of its queen and crown prince. It is backed in its efforts by the Galactic Republic.[1]


This organization entry can be received on Alderaan.

Republic: X:-783, Y:1136

It’s in Organa's castle Main Hall.

Empire: X:793, Y:-2171

Zone: Inside the Lustar cave.


"House Organa is perhaps the most respected noble house on Alderaan. Organa ancestors were among the first to settle the planet and were pivotal in the formation of the Galactic Republic. The Organas have remained vocal supporters of the Republic for millennia, believers in patient negotiation over aggression, and were outraged when Senator Gaul Panteer announced Alderaan’s independence. The current Duke Organa epitomizes what the house is known for. During the war, the duke was a fierce opponent of the Empire and the Sith who saw his family treated brutally during the Empire’s short-lived invasion of Alderaan. This neither soured the duke and his house on peace, nor weakened their resolve to battle evil; when Alderaan’s civil war began years later, Organa was among the last houses to take up arms… but the duke had privately trained a talented and honorable battalion for such an eventuality, and readily turned to the Republic for advice and assistance during the crisis. Today, Organa remains the Republic’s fiercest ally on the planet."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
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