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House Thul

House Thul is an Imperial outpost located in Kaamos Territory on the planet Alderaan. The area has a cantina, bind points, a mailbox, cargo hold access, and taxi services.


Mission start[]

Mission objective[]


  • Agent Vikurs
  • Dariana Frayus <Bounty Client>
  • Rylan Stallos
  • Thul Palace Taxi <Imperial Transport Service>

Class trainers[]

  • Lieutenant Lanai <Imperial Agent Trainer>
  • Lord Melana <Sith Inquisitor Trainer>
  • Lord Virena <Sith Warrior Trainer>
  • Marl Dak'win <Bounty Hunter Trainer>

Crew Skill trainers[]

  • Captain Terrant <Armormech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Corporal Shass <Cybertech (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Doctor Surik <Biochem (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Inquisitor Nyine <Artifice (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Lord Orazio <Synthweaving (Crafting Trainer)>
  • Major Varian <Armstech (Crafting Trainer)>


  • BBA Mobile Supply Droid <Investigation Supplies>
  • Captain Damarcus <Weapons Vendor>
  • Captain Gatheri <Heavy Armor Vendor>
  • Corporal Maire <Stims Vendor>
  • Hendry <Speeder Vendor>
  • K-2G1 <Cantina Vendor>
  • Lieutenant Joruk <Light Armor Vendor>
  • Litas <Equipment Commendations Vendor>
  • Mari-Lucen <Modification Commendations Vendor>
  • Melos <Social Items Vendor>
  • Private Ivis <Crew Skill Trade Vendor>
  • Sergeant Avan <Specialty Goods>
  • Sergeant Kullen <Mods Vendor>
  • Imperial Medical Droid <Imperial Medical Droid>


  • Guard Droid
  • House Thul Turret
  • Imperial Noble
  • Rebelling Noble
  • Service Droid
  • Sith Overseer
  • Thul Enforcer Droid
  • Thul Officer
  • Thul Soldier