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Hungry for Information

Level 5 mission
Smuggler Class Mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Fort Garnik]]
Start [[Viidu]]
End [[Viidu]]

Mission Chain


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Hungry for Information is a level 5 mission available to Smugglers. It is obtained on Ord Mantell after speaking to Viidu about the theft of player's ship by Skavak. This mission is part of the Smuggler class story line, and takes players from Fort Garnik to Talloran Village.


The shipment of blasters stolen by Skavak was intended for Rogun the Butcher, a crime boss known to murder anyone who fails him. Viidu hopes to have the weapons recovered before Rogun discovers theft. A thief named Reki knows where to obtain information on the blasters' location and is willing to share his knowledge in exchange for having supplies smuggled past the Republic blockade of Talloran Village.


Skavak, a separatist traitor, has stolen your ship and cargo. Viidu believes that Reki, a Republic contact in Talloran, can help track Skavak down."

"To reach Reki, you'll have to help reduce the separatist forces occupying Talloran. You must defeat the separatists in Talloran before you can speak with Reki.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hungry for Information mission description


  • Defeat Separatist Forces: 0/8
  • Find Reki's Safehouse


Notable quotes[]

I used to acquire quality goods at a discount on Mannett Point. I discovered all manner of shortcuts through the island's warehouses. I kept detailed schematics of every maintenance passage and tunnel there. Unfortunately, I had to abandon those schematics when I fled Mannatt Point."

"My schematics are still in my former home. However, I short-circuited the building's door and sealed it shut when I left. The only way to re-open the door is by disrupting Mannett Point's power relays. Once you gain entry, you'll find my schematics cleverly disguised as an extraordinarily tedious treatise on bird watching.

~ Reki

I heard about what happened with Skavak. Can't say I'm surprised. I told Viidu not to trust that scoundrel.
~ Syreena

I'd rather go with you, Captain. My vibroblade's pretty good for chopping separatists off at the knees. I call it "Hewie."
~ Corso Riggs

Last thing I need is Corso turning "one man army" out there. Kid will just get himself killed for nothing. Separatists wiped out his family a couple of years ago. Corso took it personal.
~ Viidu

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