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Hutt Space
Sith Empire 1-10

Status: Over-industrialized; Polluted
Terrain: Swamps and Industrial wasteland
Key facts: Also known as Nal Hutta, this is where the Hutt Crime Cartels originated
Starting planet for: Bounty Hunter
Imperial Agent

In Huttese, the name Nal Hutta translates into "Glorious Jewel", though the planet is more commonly called Hutta is considered a paradise to the gluttonous tastes of the Hutts. To anyone else, though, the planet is a living nightmare—a disgusting and dangerous place to visit, and an unthinkable place to live. Current Underworld slang has shortened the name to a simple 'Hutta'—a place where more civilized people threaten to send their children if they misbehave.

Before the creation of the Republic, Hutta was controlled by the native Evocii, a relatively primitive race who made the mistake of engaging in extensive business deals with the Hutts, ignoring rumors of their legendary greed. Centuries later, the Evocii realized their mistake too late—their entire civilization was mortgaged. When the Hutts' home-world of Varl later became polluted and uninhabitable, the Hutts collected on the Evocii's debts, becoming rulers of the planet.

In the thousands of years since, the Hutts have subjugated the Evocii—they live in slavery and squalor while the Hutts' insatiable pursuit of wealth pollutes the planet. Hutta has become the breeding grounds for the powerful Hutt families who control competing crime cartels that operate across the galaxy. Though petty vendettas keep them in constant conflict with one another, the Hutts have remained neutral in the long-running war between the Republic and the Sith Empire, keeping their world exactly as they like it.

The Hutts are the lords of Hutta's demented society, and all other races, even official foreign emissaries, are seen as expendable fodder in the Hutts' bloated, wormlike eyes. Even the most infamous bounty hunters are hesitant to venture on the Hutts' home-turf, and no sane person would ever come to Hutta willingly without the most crucial need.

Codex entries[]

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Hutta has 33 codex entries: 3 bestiary, 3 datacrons (see below), 6 locations, 7 lore, 4 organizations, 5 persons of note, 4 species, and 1 title.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
-95, 860 +2 Aim In the swamp where you fight M-78 "The Harvester" just north of the Harvester there is a pipe (Coordinates: X: -161, Y: 915, Z: 8) leaned up against a hill, climb the pipe and proceed up the hill. You must then drop down onto the southeast side of the hill to reach the Datacron. Alternately if the harvester is dead look for the medical droid (Coordinates: X: -144, Y: 887, Z:6) to find the pipe. Codex/Galactic History 01: The Architects
648, -108 +2 Presence Located on an island, accessed by a pipe running north from The Rust Yards. Codex/Galactic History 02: Ancient Civilizations
-11, 324 Blue Matrix Shard Sewer Maintenance Tunnels The two entrances for the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels are in The River Lands (Coordinates -16,225), and The Rust Yards (Coordinates 202,220). Look for the B3-4T Disposal Droid. Codex/Galactic History 03: The Battalions of Zhell


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