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The Huttball

Huttball is a PvP warzone. The Huttball game mode is similar to classic Capture the Flag games however the traditional flag is replaced with a ball which the players must battle for and then carry into the opposing team's base. In the uncertain times of The Old Republic, Huttball provides the population with a source of entertainment and escape:

In a time of turmoil where two mighty armies ready themselves, many citizens of both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire have begun to look for an escape from the uncertainty of impending war. For many people on Nar Shaddaa this escape can be found in the gladiatorial confines of 'The Pit,' where two teams compete in a violent game for the amusement of Giradda the Hutt and thousands of spectators!
~ [1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Huttball Arena

Huttball players will be pitted against an enemy team in an 8v8 format fighting in an indoor arena filled with environmental hazards, buffs, and platforms. Hazards demonstrated at the PAX2011 Huttball premier included acid pits and player controlled flame vents, useful for roasting an unsuspecting enemy player.

Other environmental components to the Huttball arena included floor vents capable of blasting a player on to higher levels, offering a quick means of escape from a fight, and various health and speed buffs scattered throughout the arena. Plenty of cover positions were also available for the classes that can utilize them. Competitors will be required to use all of these elements to capture, defend, pass and finally score the goals necessary to win in the arena.

A key difference from standard Capture The Flag gameplay which Huttball offers is the allowing players to pass the ball between themselves to drive towards the enemy goal, adding a new element to this tried-and-true game mode.

Introduction text[edit | edit source]

  • Delona: Welcome to The Pit, sentient beings! The celebrated Giradda the Hutt commends your choice in entertainment!
  • Giradda the Hutt: Someone kill this loud little man!
  • Delona: Over to you, Baron Deathmark!

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