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"Hylo Visz is best known as the pilot responsible for breaking the Mandalorian Blockade of Hydian Way. Well-compensated for her efforts, Hylo planned to live a life of luxury with her partner Tyresius Lokai (also known as Gault Rennow). Unfortunately, those plans were wrecked when Lokai stole Hylo's fortune and left her unable to pay her considerable debts to the Hutt Cartel for funding the operation to break the blockade. Out of options, Hylo was forced to hide in a stasis pod on Belsavis for ten years. Lokai eventually found and freed her, but it was too little, too late. Hylo returned to a life of crime until Theron Shan lured her into working for the Alliance."
―The Legendary Outlaw[src]

Hylo Visz was a smuggler and an unlikely hero of the Great Galactic War. She tried to break the Mandalorian Blockade with a group of other smugglers. When the attempt looked all but defeated, the Republic joined the fight and broke the blockade. It is assumed that she died a year after that event.


Hylo was born on Balmorra. Her father worked for a droid factory before the war, but died in one of the first battles. Hylo, still a child and along with her mother, was now a refugee. Shortly after their arrival on Nar Shaddaa, her mother died. Now being stranded, alone on a new world, Hylo decided to learn to be a mechanic and start saving for a ship of her own.

After she bought the Crimson Fleece she started working for the Hutts as a smuggler. On one of her jobs for Barrga the Hutt she traveled to Corellia, to sell some prototype ion drives to the Rendili Vehicle Corporation, but it did not go so well. She survived and escapes with a prototype of the Defender-class.

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