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Immortal, relative Defense is the Tank Discipline for Juggernauts and Guardians. It is one of 3 different Tank Disciplines. The other are Darkness/Kinetic Combat and Shield Tech/Shield Specialist. It requires an active Soresu Form to use it efficently. The two support buffs for the raid are Unsteady and Impaired.

List of Immortal\Defense Skills[]

Skill Immortal Skill Defense Level Activation
[Aegis Assault] [Warding Strike] 10 Active
[Soresu Form] [----Form] 12 Passive
Utility Point 14 Passive
[Heavy Handed] [Pacification] 16 Passive
[Quake] [Dust Storm] 20 Passive
Utility Point 22 Passive
[Lash Out] [Expeditious Protector] 24 Passive
[Crushing Blow] [----] 26 Active
[Rule of Two] [Guardian Slash] 28 Active
Utility Point 30 Passive
[Blade Barricade] [Blade Barricade] 32 Passive
[Sweeping Fury] [Cyclonic Sweeps] 36 Passive
Utility Point 38 Passive
[Force Grip] [Stasis Mastery] 40 Passive
[Backhand] [Hilt Bash] 42 Active
[Sonic Barrier] [Blade Barrier] 44 Passive
Utility Point 46 Passive
[Conquering Defense] [-------] 48 Passive
[Revenge] [Courage] 52 Passive
Utility Point 54 Passive
[Dark Blood] [Inner Peace] 56 Passive
[Invincible] [Warding Call] 58 Active
[Consuming Power] [Warding Power] 60 Passive
Utility Point 62 Passive
[Pillar of Strength] [Beacon of Might] 64 Passive
[Defensive Slashes] [Defensive Swings] 68 Passive
Utility Point 70 Passive