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Imperial Garrison Bunker

The Imperial Garrison Bunker is an Imperial building located on the planet Quesh. It can be reached from the Imperial Garrison. This building has two levels and features cargo hold access, a mailbox, and class trainers.


Mission start[]

  • Sith Empire [37] Adrenal Shutdown: Production Destruction
  • Sith Empire [37] The Three Families: Charge the Front

Mission end[]

  • Sith Empire [37] Toxic Clash
  • Sith Empire [37] Quesh Showdown


  • Colonel Drefin
  • General Koloch
  • Major Faradin
  • Moff Dracen

Class trainers[]

  • Engo Whitt <Bounty Hunter Trainer>
  • Lord Hedrow <Sith Inquisitor Trainer>
  • Lord Ishla <Sith Warrior Trainer>
  • Major Kersin <Imperial Agent Trainer>


  • Imperial Ensign
  • Imperial Lieutenant