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"Behind the Sith and the powerful Imperial military is the vast network of agents, information gatherers, deception specialists and strategists that makes up Imperial Intelligence. Part spy organization, part secret police, Imperial Intelligence handles all of the Empire’s covert operations–guarding the Empire’s secrets, acquiring valuable intel from the Republic, hunting down traitors and cleaning up messes created by unhinged Sith Lords. Imperial Intelligence reports to the Minister of Intelligence, who in turn reports directly to the Dark Council. Not a military organization, Imperial Intelligence officers are nonetheless viewed with respect by military and civilian personnel–it’s Intelligence that can judge a person as loyal or traitorous, arrange the advancement of a career or the blacklisting of a powerful leader. A place in Imperial Intelligence is a coveted rank, reserved for some of the best of the Empire’s non-Force sensitive subjects. In some cases, officers are “poached” by Sith Lords seeking to build their own specialized intelligence networks; for the most part, however, Intelligence personnel go unnoticed by anyone outside the organization. The best agents are the ones no one’s ever heard of."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Imperial Intelligence, also known as the Ministry of Intelligence,[1] is the intelligence and secret police organization that serves the Sith Empire. Imperial Intelligence is responsible for the collection and obfuscation of strategic or sensitive information, planting spies in enemy ranks and the assassination of key opponents of the Empire.

Personnel and Rankings

Names of Imperial Agents and personnel of Imperial Intelligence are referred to by their role and a number. Roles include:

  • Minister of Intelligence: The true leader of Intelligence. The Minister handles the paperwork and technical details of running Intelligence, and reports directly to the Dark Council. This is the highest position a non-Sith can achieve in the Empire.
  • Keeper :The main leader of Imperial Intelligence. Keeper gives orders to their operatives, comes up with the largest plans, and knows all the secrets of the Empire and Intelligence.
  • Cipher Agent: Operatives that were skilled in assassination, seduction, infiltration and sabotage. Ciphers were often the field agents and main attack force of Intelligence, adept with poisons, rifles and gadgets.Cipher Agents, like all Imperial Intelligence operatives ranked above Agent, were stripped of their former names and identities and given numeral designations, such as Cipher Nine or Cipher Three. With the rank comes certain privileges – including a degree of operational independence. They may recruit their own operatives, and will be outfitted with a starship.
  • Agent: Operatives that were skilled in assassination, seduction, infiltration and sabotage.
  • Minder: Information processors who received intelligence from Ciphers and anticipate their enemies movements. Minders work as internal security, screening Intelligence for vulnerabilities, and addressing any breaches.
  • Watcher: Observers that recover, process and analyze data, then relay their findings back to the Ciphers. Watchers report directly to Keeper.
  • Fixer: Technical agents who were adept at slicing, engineering and biomechanics. Often processed and made sense of technical data (such as datapads and bioscans) gathered by Ciphers.

Notable Operations

Imperial Intelligence initiated the prison breaks on Belsavis which was carried by both its own operatives and others serving the Empire, as well as fixing the gladitorial games on Geonosis in order to bring the young gladiator, later known as Mandalore the Lesser, to power, leading the Mandalorians to ally with their government during the Great Galactic War.


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