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Imperial Intelligence is the agency responsible for covert operations within the Sith Empire. Through sabotage, interrogation, information, spying and assassination, Imperial Intelligence is responsible for furthering the Empire's agenda, identifying threats and removing key figures or installations that hinder the Empire's progress, whether they be internal threats such as terrorists or rebels within the Empire or external threats such as key enemy figures. Their headquarters are situated at the heart of the Empire in Dromund Kaas. Also to join Imperial Intelligence all ranking officer's Lt.+ were only allowed.

Agents within Imperial Intelligence assume identities that involve a role and a number, such as Minder Twelve, Fixer Nine or Watcher Two. The overseer of all operations within Imperial Intelligence is the Keeper, of which there is only one at any one time. The Keeper reports directly to the Dark Council.

Relations with the Sith[]

Though Imperial Intelligence reports to the Dark Council, Imperial Intelligence is generally allowed free reign to do as they see fit, though any member of the Dark Council may intervene and influence their operations.

Humanity and Imperial Intelligence[]

Imperial Intelligence is a primarily human agency, but has no qualms employing non-humans as long as their professionalism and ability matches or exceeds expectations. Despite this, while aliens are accepted and in many cases welcomed for the unique skillset or approach they can provide, the agency has yet to fully adapt to non-human agents, though by no means give cause for any aliens to feel unwelcome, which is especially true for agents who excel at their duties.