Improved Rocket Boost II

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Improved Rocket Boost II Improved Rocket Boost II

Decreases cooldown of Rocket Boost by 60 seconds

This Legacy Unlock applies to the Rocket Boost ability, and will have no effect unless you have also unlocked Rocket Boost.

Purchase Requirements:
   Cartel Coins

-- or --

Purchase Requirements:
   Credit.png 1,500,000
   Requires Legacy Level 12

Available to all characters when unlocked.

Improved Rocket Boost II is a Legacy convenience unlock which decreases the cooldown of the [Rocket Boost] ability by 60 seconds for every member of the player's Legacy.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Improved Rocket Boost II can be unlocked by paying Credit.png 1,500,000 after reaching legacy level 12 or by paying Cartel coin.png 120.

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