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The Infernal Council is the fourth boss encounter in the Eternity Vault operation, consisting of sixteen different enemy mobs.



  • Alarii, Sister of Sorrow
  • Cyrisop, the Exiled
  • Fahren Jaj, the Laughing Lord
  • Keryha, Sister of Sorrow
  • Luthro the Kinslayer
  • Wei'val the Elder
  • Wei'val the Lesser


  • Doruk, the Uncaged
  • Jael, the Silencer
  • Serrod the Messenger
  • Kahesh, the Reborn
  • Kyyrah, Jewel of Xo


  • Jekhop, the Bowed Lord
  • R'hoteb, the Bowed Lord
  • Yshaar Kael, Betrayer of Adas
  • Za'heen Kaur, the Bowed Lord


Ideally, you should pair your party up like this:

  • Healers on the Assassins
  • Tanks on the Marauders
  • DPS on the Juggernaut

The Assassins have low health but relatively high DPS, and it's necessary to heal through this while doing minor damage. The Marauders inflict a healing debuff on the player, so you need a character with high HP to take it. Juggernauts have rather low DPS, and the DPS can easily burn through their armor. There's no point in interfering with the other targets or players, as this will give you a debuff.

The enrage timer is two minutes, so damage needs to be done fast. If one of the bosses go down, the person that fought it should switch target to assist the teammates that need it the most.

★ SWTOR - "The Infernal Council" Raid Boss Guide (8-man), ft

★ SWTOR - "The Infernal Council" Raid Boss Guide (8-man), ft. Hengest!