Interrogation Probe (item)

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Interrogation Probe
Interrogation Probe

Use: Deploy an interrogation probe to attempt to extract information from a Shady Character. Yields information more often than an Investigation Probe. Considered a dark side action.

An interrogation probe designed to both intimidate and extract information.

This article is for the Bounty Contract Week item. For the Sniper ability, see Interrogation Probe (ability).

Interrogation Probe is a consumable item used for the Bounty Contract Week event.

Source[edit | edit source]

Interrogation Probes are a mission reward and can also be purchased from BBA Mobile Supply Droids located in the Cartel Bazaar on both fleets and on bounty contract planets.

Mission reward
[50] The Bounty Brokers Association
[55] Investigation Methods

Use[edit | edit source]

Using an Interrogation Probe on a Shady Character awards dark side points and can cause the target to become hostile. If this happens, the mob calls in 2-3 Armed Thugs for backup and drops Underworld Information upon defeat.

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