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"Investigation is the skill of researching, gathering, analyzing and decoding secret information. Sending your companions on Investigation missions can yield valuable items in the form of researched compounds used to construct prototype and artifact weapons and blaster barrels, prototype schematics for all crafts, and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: All (for schematics), Armstech.
―In-game Codex (Crew Skills)[src]

Investigation is one of the four Mission Skills. It involves the skill of examining evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets.


Below are the missions grouped by level at which they are available.

Level 10 to 16

Name Yield Type of Yield Time Cost Description Difficulty
Account Fraud Rank 1 Companion Gifts Moderate 3m00s Credits 120 Recently, several InterGalatic Banking Clan executives have had their passwords compromised and their accounts sliced. Send your companion to investigate. ?-?-?-?
Black Sun's Radiance Grade 1 Researched Compounds Bountiful 8m00s Credits 275 A Republic Senator is assembling a team to track the expansion of the Black Sun gang and determine its links with other syndicates. Have your companion join up. ?-?-?-?
Death of a Senator Rank 1 Companion Gifts Rich Yield 4m00s Credits 295 The Senator from the tiny planet of Doan was assassinated. Send you companion to investigate the crime and find your who was involved. ?-?-?-?
Explorer's Legacy Rank 1 Companions Gifts Moderate 3m00s Credits 95 Yvellee Cha, renowned explorer and rumored smuggler, has announced her retirement. Send your companion to try and obtain her personal astrogation charts. ?-?-?-?
Fate of Waskiro Grade 1 Researched Compounds Rich 8m00s Credits 355 The Waskiro colony suddenly lost contact with the rst of the Republic. Send your companion to determine what could have silence it so swiftly. ?-?-?-?
Mandolorian Weapons Grade 1 Researched Compounds Moderate 6m00s Credits 115 Mandalorian armor and weaponry has been turning up in the hands of Outer Rim pirates. Have your companions find where this materials is coming from. ?-?-?-?
Strange Survey Grade 1 Researched Compounds Abundant 6m00s Credits 145 A survey team charting an uninhabited world in the Loraidia system have stumbled across some unusual readings. Send your compassion to help them anaylze the results. ?-?-?-?
Tech Boom Grade 1 Researched Compounds Moderate 6m00s Credits 115 The Exchange recently made a fortune investing in several cutting-edge tech corporations. Send your companion to figure out how they've been so successful. ?-?-?-?
The Visualization Empire Rank 1 Companion Gifts Moderate 3m00s Credits 95 The techno priests of Kaliska maintain a "visualization engine" designed to predict the future based on user input. Have your companion consult the machine. ?-?-?-?

Level 17 to 24

Name Yield Type of Yield Time Cost Description Difficulty
Czerka's Secrets Grade 2 Researched Compounds Rich 12m00s Credits 640 The enormous and influential Czerka Corportion is rumored to be selling technology to the Empire. Send your companion to infiltrate the organization. ?-?-?-?
The Geonosian Fortress Rank 2 Companion Gifts Bountiful 5m30s Credits 515 The insectoid Geonosians have gathered an ancient lunar palace near the Hutt border. Your companion will infiltrate the palace and learn the Geonosians' purpose. ?-?-?-?
Journey into the Void Grade 2 Researched Compounds Moderate Yield 8m00s Credits 285 A deep space exploration vessel has returned from a journey outside the galactic rim, apparently empty. Have your companion retrieve its logs. ?-?-?-?
Listening Post Grade 2 Researched Compounds Bountiful 10m00s Credits 565 An allied listening post has been monitoring enemy signal traffic along the Rimma hyperlane. Have your companion join the post's crew to study and decrypt the signals. ?-?-?-?
The Treaty of Coruscant Rank 2 Companion Gifts Abundant 5m00s Credits 255 Many details of the Treaty of Coruscant remain classified to this day, but could shed some light on Republic and Imperial aims. Have your companion study the known data. ?-?-?-?

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