While exploring the galaxy, you obtain various items that help you on your journey. To hold all these items, you’re given an Inventory Module that can contain up to 30 items. To open your Inventory Module, press I. You can expand your module another 10 slots for a certain amount of Credits. Further expansions cost an increasing amount of Credits.

Item Type

The galaxy is full of various objects from small trinkets to large weaponry, and all of them serve a purpose. Hover over an item to view more details about it.

Loot: These items have no use but can be sold to any vendor for some Credits.

Consumables: Use these items to heal yourself, gain special attributes, or get a boost in certain stats.

Equipment: Outfit yourself or companion with these items to change your physical appearance and/or increase your defensive or combat statistics.

Item Modification: Attach these accessories to a weapon, armor, or other equipment with modification slots to enhance the object’s stats.

Crew Skills: Use materials to create equipment or other items.

Commendations: Items specific to the different locations you have traveled to.

Mission Items Tab

These are items obtained while completing a mission, and in some cases, you may be required to use these items in order to complete a mission. These items do not take up any space in your regular inventory and are stored in a separate module. Click the Mission Items tab to on the bottom of the Inventory Module to access these special items.

Hud missionItemsPanel

Color Coding

The color of an item’s name indicates its rarity and quality.


Gray: Low-quality items that have no practical value to you but can be sold to vendors for some Credits. Your companion will sell these if you select the Sell Junk option.

White: A common low-quality item or equipment that gives no boost to stats. Health and recovery items are in this category.

Green: Premium or uncommon items and equipment that give you a small stat boost.

Blue: These items (usually labeled Prototypes) increase your stats more than green items. They can be modified to boost their general attributes.

Purple: These powerful items (sometimes labeled Artifacts) have additional effects on top of increased stats.

Yellow: Special mission-specific items obtained during a mission.

Orange: These custom items can be fitted with a range of item modifications.


No matter how powerful a weapon or armor becomes, it still suffers general wear and tear. Weapons and equipment degrade the most when you are defeated in combat. To check your equipment’s durability, hover over the item. The item's durability is represented by a numerical value, and if it reaches zero, the item is ineffective until repaired.

When an item is nearly broken, a yellow indicator appears on the near your portrait. When that icon turns red, the item is completely broken is no longer useful to you. Hover over this indicator to see which items in the inventory are in urgent need of repair. Regularly repair your items through any vendor.

Item Modifications

"Throughout your adventures, you may find items that can be modified. By modifying an item, the player can upgrade the stats of an item and keep that item up-to-date. Items that are modifiable can be identified by having the text CTRL + right-click to modify at the bottom of their tooltip. Many items are fully upgradeable, meaning that their stats can be fully upgraded. This means that if you find a gear appearance that you really like in the world, you can work to keep its stats up-to-date and relevant throughout most of your adventures. Some items will drop with most of their modification slots empty. Other items come preslotted – the benefits of modding these items will come later, when you decide to upgrade its internal components. The common mod types, enhancements and mods, can fit in all items. However, ‘Armoring’ can only upgrade wearable equipment, ‘Hilts’ can only upgrade lightsabers and melee weapons, and ‘Barrels’ can only upgrade pistols. These special mods are also responsible for upgrading the core stats of the item (the armor rating of wearable gear, or the damage output of a weapon). Color crystals are another special kind of mod – these rarer modifications can be used to change the color of your lightsaber or blaster bolts."
―In-game Codex (Game Rules)[src]

You can modify some equipment to enhance general statistics. To modify an item, hover over the desired item and press CTRL and right-click the item to open the Item Modification page. Only items that have the Right-click to Modify option can be modified in this fashion. The Item Modification page displays all the available modification slots, including upgrades already installed and any open slots. To add a modification, click-and-drag a modification item into a slot to attach it to your equipment. Once you are satisfied with your modifications, click APPLY to attach the modification. Some modifications are locked when added to an item. Adding a new modification to a slot that already contains one replaces the old modification with the new one. You can choose to keep the replaced modification for use on another item for a small credit fee but only while at a Modification Station. If you swap the modification you want onto the Item without taking the old modification off first, the old modification will be destroyed.


Item Rating

Equippable items have a rating indicating their general level of quality. This number gives you a rough idea of how powerful the viewed item is compared to other items you’re wearing. To raise the rating, look for certain modification items that can increase these ratings, and attach them to your equipment.

Equipping Items

You can equip yourself, your companion, and your starship with a variety of items that enhance stats and change appearances. In order to equip an item, click-and-drag it from the inventory into an equipment slot on the Character Sheet.


Item Requirements

Most items have set requirements that can only be equipped if the character meets a set of parameters. To view an item’s requirements, hover your mouse over the item to see whether you can equip the item. Items often require a character to be at or above a specified level as well as to possess the right proficiencies for type of weapon (blasters, lightsabers) or armor grade (light, medium, heavy).

Bound Items

Certain equipment items bind to you once you equip them. You can sell them to vendors for Credits or destroy them, but you cannot trade them to another player or sell them in the Galactic Trade Network.

Clearing out Your Inventory

Over time, your Inventory Module fills with items. Space in your inventory is limited and you will eventually need to make room for new items. There are several ways to clear space in your inventory:

  • Destroy an item, permanently removing it from your inventory. To do this, click-and-drag the item to an area of the game screen outside of your inventory, then left-click. A window appears asking you to confirm the item’s destruction.
  • Sell an item to a vendor. You also can send your companion to sell your gray items to a vendor.
  • Put up the item for sale in the Galactic Trade Network.


You can trade items or Credits with any player in your faction that you see on the game screen. Target the character, right-click the character's portrait, and then select TRADE to open the trade window. You can trade up to seven items in one trade. You can also trade credits. Both you and the other player can place items from your inventories into the trade slots. Select TRADE when you are satisfied with the deal to complete the transaction.


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