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"Pejoratively called “hammerheads” for their distinctive skulls, Ithorians are a peaceful mammalian species with two mouths and four throats. Their native language–which other species often find melodious but impossible to reproduce–resembles music rather than speech. Ithorians are devoted environmentalists and staunch pacifists. They evolved on the beautiful jungle world of Ithor, eventually moving into floating “herd ships” to avoid disturbing the native flora they call “Mother Jungle.” Their experience building herd ships allowed the Ithorians to become one of the earliest spacefaring species, and they live on city-ships to this day. Every five years, Ithorians gather for a Meet, where they exchange news, debate important issues and come together as a culture. Although not particularly technologically advanced, no species is more capable at restoring damaged ecologies than the Ithorians. Many Ithorian herds have begun visiting worlds whose biospheres were damaged in the Great War, encouraging the worlds’ recovery or transplanting endangered flora and fauna to new homes."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

Ithorians are a race of intelligent mammalian herbivores humanoids native to the planet Ithor. They are commonly called "Hammerheads" by less sensitive beings because of their long, curving neck and T-shaped head. They find this nickname offensive. Ithorians have two mouths and four throats, allowing them to speak in stereo. Female Ithorians have two humps on the back of their head, while males have only one. They have glossy, usually brown flesh. They stand relatively tall at roughly between 1.8 to 2.3 meters (5ft 10in. to 7ft 6in.) from eyestalk to toe. Their reflexes and coordination are somewhat slower than that of average humanoids.


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