Jabiim Escort
Jabiim Escort
A Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor escorts a shuttle under fire from Republic frigates
Vital statistics
Location Hutt Space
Rewards Credits Credits (330)
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available 12
Ship Grade Any
Duration 3:17

Jabiim Escort is a Space Battle available to players as soon as they have acquired their own starship. The Jabiim Escort Space Mission Quest can be picked up using the fleet communication device. This space battle is the sole space battle mission required for the Operation Silent Roar player mission.


Spies for the Empire have obtained some intelligence data and are fleeing while under attack by Republic forces. You must protect the fleeing shuttle.



  • Escort the Imperial shuttle to safety


  • Destroy Talon Fighters - 25


Use the primary blaster cannons to take out Talon Fighters as they appear. Remember that you can hold down the left mouse button for continuous fire. The fighters mostly appear from the left and right edges of the screen. Try to start firing on them as soon as possible to reduce the damage they will do to the shuttle.

Save your torpedoes for taking out the turrets and other targets on the frigates and the larger Republic spacecraft. Remember that you can hold down the right mouse button and swipe over 4 targets to multi-select torpedo targets.

During the encounter be mindful of the debris.  A straight-on collision when shields are low and you are heavily damaged could take you out.

See Space Combat for general gameplay mechanics.

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