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"With every battle, there are fewer of us to keep up the fight. Those who remain pay a heavy price. But we know the Force is with us. We will never surrender, and we are not alone. The long night is finally ending."
―Malcom at Alderaan

Jace Malcom[1] served in the Special Forces division of the Republic Army. He is the commander of Havoc Squad, and fought in the Battle of Alderaan against Sith forces, later in life he became the Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.


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Jace grapples with Darth Malgus

At the height of the Galactic War, Malcom and his Havoc Squad were stationed on the tranquil Core World of Alderaan to defend it from the growing wrath of the Sith Empire. During the Battle of Alderaan he managed to defeat two Sith warrior's and save Satele Shan from Darth Malgus, after Shan first saved him from execution.

Shan and Malcom later admitted their feelings for each other and conceived a son named Theron Shan. The birth of their son was kept hidden from Jace, however, as Shan felt that Jace was becoming too unpredictable to know of his offspring. 

Knights of the Eternal Throne

"Acting as Supreme Commander of the Republic Military, Jace Malcom is a respected war hero who has spent most of his life locked in combat with the Sith Empire. When the oppressive Eternal Empire nearly destroyed Coruscant, Malcom rallied support to strengthen his military and reclaim the Republic's lost glory. He now sets his sights on the mysterious alien world of Iokath, a treasure trove of valuable resources and superweapons that will help the Republic restore its status as a major galactic superpower."
―The Republic War Hero[src]


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