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Jaen Kett

Jaen Kett

Level 10 Melee NPC

Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 485
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Mannett Point]]
Location [738, 446]

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Jaen Kett is a human doctor encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. Trapped on Mannett Point when the bridge was destroyed by separatists, Kett now keeps out of sight; Kett supports the Republic, and the separatists do not approve of his political believes.[1]


Jaen Kett is known as a talented doctor and supporter of the Republic. With this in mind Lieutenant Xorem believes Kett's abilities would prove a valuable asset to the war effort, and desires that the doctor be retrieved from Mannett Point. Since the separatist occupation of the area began, however, Kett has taken it upon himself to watch over and care for children abandoned or orphaned by the fighting. The doctor refuses to leave the children behind.

Mission objective
Galactic Republic [6] Victims of War

Notable quotes[]

And besides, I can't leave the island. It's--it's the children. They need me. They're orphans, most of them. Their parents were killed during the fighting over Mannett Point. A few of them have family on the other side, but they're too young to swim that far. They all need food and medicine. I won't leave them here.
~ Jaen Kett on [1]

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