Javaal Fleet Action
Javaal Fleet Action
An Imperial agent and his fighter escort are the primary target of this mission.
Vital statistics
Location Javaal high planetary orbit
Rewards XP +2650
Credits Credits (330)
Level Available Any

The Javaal Fleet Action is a Republic Space Battle mission in the Coreward Worlds. A Republic patrol group has been illegally ambushed by Imperial ships in high orbit above the planet Javaal. The Imperial task force is led by a notorious Intelligence agent, and the patrol needs backup urgently if it's going to have any hope of surviving the Empire's attack. Bonus points are awarded for destroying turrets on the Imperial frigates and destroyers present. This mission can be done with any level of upgrades.




  • Neutralize the Enemy Fleet
Destroy enemy Interceptors and Turrets (0/50)
  • Expose Enemy Frigates This bonus becomes available at level 30.
Destroy enemy Frigate Shield Generators (0/8)
  • Take Down the Enemy Command Center
Destroy the target area in the rear center of the enemy Destroyer

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


The following are the awards for completing the space battle (does not include xp for bonus quest):

  • Credits Credits (330)
  • XP +2650 (XP is reduced to XP +5 at level 27)
  • 1 Fleet Commendation
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