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The Je'daii Order were an ancient organization and order comprised of Light side Force-users, unified by it's belief and observance of the Force on the planet Tython, in the galaxy's Deep Core.


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Focusing on maintaining a balance in the Force, a state at which Tython was itself hospitable, the Je'daii saw the Force as two aspects of a whole; the Ashla and the Bogan. They saw this duality in the Force represented in the night sky of Tython in the form of two natural satellites; one bathed in light, another shrouded in darkness. In keeping with their ideal balance, Je'daii who fell too far to either the light or darkness were exiled to one of the moons to meditate until they returned to balance.  The Order's presence on Tython was spread between nine Great Temples, each of which was presided over by a Je'daii Temple Master.

In order to gain mastery in the Order, all Je'daii were expected to travel to each of the Temple to hone different skills. The Order was led by a Council of Masters, consisting of the nine Temple Masters, which decided important matters and directed the Order. Surviving on Tython for millennium in isolation from the rest of the galaxy, the Order was deeply shaken by the arrival of a Force Hound from the Infinite Empire. In the years following the Hound's initial crash landing on Tython, a schism shook the Order to it's foundation.

After a bloody civil war, known to history as the first conflict between light and dark side philosophies, the dark side adherents were routed while the Jedi Order thrived. A large group of Jedi departed Tython, eventually finding a new home on Ossus, where they would eventually join the Galactic Republic as defenders of the peace.

Je'daii ranks

  • Padawan: Padawan was a rank granted to teenage Force-sensitive individuals who have begun one-on-one instruction with a Je'daii Master.
  • Je'daii Journeyer: Je'daii Journeyer was a rank granted to Padawans who have completed their trained at each of the nine Je'daii Temples of Tython.
  • Je'daii Ranger: Je'daii Ranger was a rank granted to Je'daii Journeyers who have completed their studies at each of the Great Temples of Tython.
  • Je'daii Master: Je'daii Master was a rank granted to Je'daii Rangers who have completed their trained within the Je'daii Order and were seen to have mastery over their skills in the Force.

Je'daii titles

  • Je'daii: Je'daii is a title that is granted to individuals (Padawan, Je'daii Journeyer, Je'daii Ranger and Je'daii Master alike) who are members of the Je'daii Order.
  • Je'daii Temple Master: Je'daii Temple Master was a title granted to Je'daii Masters who have exemplified and demonstrated true understanding of the Force.


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