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Galactic Republic Jedi Consular Galactic Republic
Jedi Consular
Faction: Galactic Republic
Starting planet: Tython
Default species: Human
Advanced classes: Jedi Shadow
Jedi Sage
Starship: Defender
Companions: Qyzen Fess
Tharan Cedrax
Nadia Grell
Lieutenant Iresso
Empire Counterpart: Sith Inquisitor
Evil threatens to consume the galaxy. The Sith Empire's relentless assault destroyed the Jedi Temple and drove the Republic's defenders into exile during the last war.

A fragile peace has been negotiated, and the Jedi have returned to their long-abandoned homeworld of TYTHON to regroup and investigate their ancient origins.

Now, a wise young Padawan travels to Tython's mountain ruins on a perilous quest to complete the Jedi trials and master the mysteries of the Force....

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Jedi Consular opening crawl

The Consular's powers go far beyond meditation and mediation, and nothing illustrates this as vividly as their graceful movements in battle. Whether beset by an army of assassin droids or caught in the middle of soured negotiations, the Jedi Consular fights with an open conduit for the Force; manipulating massive forces to disable or even destroy their enemies.

  • The dual-bladed Lightsaber preferred by many Consulars requires a skilled approach to dueling. Wielding this weapon, Jedi Consulars will draw upon the Force to sense their opponents' locations and strike them all down with precision.
  • The Jedi Consular doesn't just detect disturbances in the Force—sometimes they create them. This powerful ability allows the Consular to project a wall of pure Force energy into their opponents.
  • The Jedi Consular has a preternatural understanding of how the Force connects all things, and they draw on this knowledge to toss enemies of all sizes into the air, before hurling them to the ground.


At character creation Jedi Consulars have to choose the path of the Sage or the Shadow. This choice cannot be changed after selected.

Sage Shadow
  • Single Saber
  • Force Powers
  • Ranged DPS or Healer

The mysteries of the Force are endless. A Jedi Sage, deeply attuned to the Force and devoted to uncovering its esoteric secrets, knows this better than any in the galaxy. These masters of the Force are famed for their wisdom and empathy as much as they are for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In troubled times, a Sage brings together the wisdom of the past with cutting insight and the power of the Force to change the flow of galactic events.

  • Double Bladed Saber
  • Stealth
  • Melee DPS or Tank

A Shadow serves the Jedi Order by being a silent observer and, when action is necessary, a subtle hand. To avoid rash decisions on the part of the Council, Shadows go unseen, gathering information and quietly thwarting those who seek to threaten the Jedi order. Employing Force techniques that cloud enemy minds, Shadows slip into hostile territory, and when necessary, they strike enemies down with deadly efficiency.


Passive Abilities
Sprint [Sprint]
Shieldgeneratorproficiency [Armor Proficiency: Focus]
Lightsabers [Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber]
Melee.trainingsaber.a01 v01 [Weapon Proficiency: Training Saber]
Vibroblades [Weapon Proficiency: Vibrosword]
Level Abilities Type
1 Forcevalor [Force Valor] Class Buff
1 Jkforcesensitiveorphan [Meditation] Rest
1 Saberstrike [Saber Strike] Melee Base Attack
1 Pileofrubble [Project] Light Ranged Attack
3 Shockwave [Force Wave] Cone Push
5 Forcestun [Force Stun] Hard CC
7 Skydrop [Force Lift] Soft CC
8 Agonizingsaber [Force Potency] Offensive Buff
9 Unwaveringresolve [Force of Will] Stun Breaker
15 Heroicmoment [Heroic Moment] Solo Buff
16 Forcespeed [Force Speed] Mobility
18 Mentalblock [Mind Snap] Interrupt
22 Movementslowed [Force Slow] Slow


Visionary, Ambassador, Seeker of Jedi Wisdom[]

For more than 20,000 years, the Jedi Order has worked to promote peace and balance in the Galactic Republic, but each new day brings with it a new threat, promising to rip the Jedi and the entire galaxy apart. If the Republic is to survive, it needs leaders and visionaries; it needs the Jedi Consular.

Jedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. Years of arduous training and meditation have sharpened Consulars' minds to cut to the truth as cleanly as their Lightsabers cut through their foes. Whether unlocking long forgotten mysteries of the Jedi, raising armies to fight for the Republic or engaging in mortal combat with Dark Lords of the Sith, the Consulars' deep attunement to the Force gives them all the power they need to rise to the occasion with poise and balance.

Intimate attunement with the deepest Force mysteries gives Jedi Consulars the insight and empathy to deftly handle charged conflicts that confound even the most cunning Senators and governors—but Consulars know when it's time to talk and when it's time to fight. When negotiations turn aggressive, Consulars demonstrate their gifts of foresight—anticipating and deflecting enemy attacks with fluid strikes from their dual-bladed Lightsaber.

There is power in wisdom, study, and diplomacy. The Jedi Consular wields that power with an even hand. Consulars study the mysteries of the Force. They use their knowledge to bring peace, but when words fail, their understanding of the Force makes them dangerous foes.

Facing the Darkness Within[]

Jedi Consulars always seek to grow their knowledge of the galaxy, in understanding of themselves, and in comprehension of the Force that binds it all together. The commitment to this pursuit gives Consulars an unrivaled capacity for clarity in situations otherwise shrouded in darkness. However, this same dedication can also prove to be extremely perilous—inviting Consulars to explore paths that are better left untraveled. Some of the Jedi Order's greatest minds have been seduced to the dark side through purely academic inquiries. The Consular knows the pain of this temptation as a battle-hardened warrior knows the throbbing of an old wound.

Before they can dispel the darkness in the galaxy, Jedi Consulars know they must first come to terms with the darkness within. There's no avoiding the temptation to take shortcuts or even to use their knowledge for personal power; Consulars must constantly check their own motives. When tempted to step onto the path leading to darkness, Consulars must remember the tormented fate of the Jedi who have passed that way before. This is the only way they can unite the Jedi Order and the Republic and rally the troops to rescue the galaxy from the menacing darkness.

Field Recon[]

In a more peaceful age, Jedi Consulars may have humbly dedicated their lives to service as keepers of Jedi lore or as ambassadors in service to the Republic—tasks for which Consulars are uniquely qualified. However, as the shadow of the Empire has spread further across the galaxy, Consulars have stepped up to face the darkness on the front lines of battle as often as they've faced it when exploring the mysteries of the Force.


Preferring to stay as nimble on the battlefield as they are in negotiations, Jedi Consulars avoid the heavy battle armor worn by many Jedi Knights, Dense polymers and Cortosis armors would weigh them down; light cloaks and ornamented robes suit their strengths better, and the efforts they most often find themselves engaged in. No matter where they go, however, Consulars are never without the Lightsaber that marks their initiation into the Jedi Order.


Prologue: Emissary Of The Rift Alliance[]

In a time of great turmoil across the galaxy, a gifted Padawan travels to the Jedi’s ancient homeworld of Tython to complete the final trials and become a fully fledged Jedi. Under the tutelage of Master Yuon Par, an unorthodox but experienced teacher and historian, a sinister plot is uncovered that could bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order.

Embodying the true skill and dedication, the Padawan confronts the spirit of an ancient Jedi known as Rajivari, and defeats a vengeful young man who had pledged himself to learning Rajivari's secrets. Impressed by these exceptional achievements, the Jedi Council promotes Yuon's Padawan to full membership in the Order as its newest Consular. However, this powerful Jedi’s adventures are only just beginning...

Chapter One: The Dark Plague[]

As the Consular ascends to the rank of full Jedi, several of the galaxy's most talented Jedi Masters are suddenly stricken with a mysterious illness. This plague cripples its victims with paranoia and madness, driving them towards the dark side of the Force. Master Yuon Par is one of the first to suffer the strange plague's effects, leaving her determined former student to seek out an ancient shielding technique, which may be Yuon's only hope. The technique is a success and Yuon is saved from the plague's worst effects. The Consular – now the only Jedi in the galaxy who knows the secrets of this shielding technique – sets out on a dangerous adventure to seek out others afflicted by the plague and determine its cause.

After a long and difficult search, the Consular discovers that the plague was created long ago, by an ancient Sith who possesses terrifying power. The identity of the man responsible for the plague's reemergence is also revealed: a Sith Lord known as Vivicar. A corrupted former Jedi, Vivicar sought revenge against the Jedi who had left him for dead during a mission to the corrupted world of Malachor III. Vivicar unleashed the plague upon these Jedi, which forced them to relive that fateful mission.

Boarding Vivicar's flagship, the Consular challenges and defeats Vivicar, only to discover that Vivicar is possessed by the spirit of the plague's original creator, the ancient Sith Lord Terrak Morrhage. The Consular faces a near-impossible choice: risk attempting to redeem Vivicar and restore every Jedi afflicted with his plague, or cut Vivicar down, which would kill every plague-stricken Jedi, but would also destroy the plague and its evil, forever.

Chapter Two: The Rift Alliance[]

Having demonstrated exceptional wisdom and skill, the Consular is granted the rank of Master just in time for a new and challenging assignment. With many Republic member-worlds losing faith that the Empire can be defeated, a group of indispensable planets, including Balmorra, Saleucami, Manaan, Aeten II, and Erigorm, have bonded together to form the Rift Alliance, a group of worlds nearing outright rebellion. The newly promoted Jedi Consular is charged by the Supreme Chancellor himself with the task of aiding these worlds and re-forging their shattered trust in the Republic.

Traveling across the galaxy, the Consular works with Rift Alliance representatives to protect their worlds and win their trust. But a sudden betrayal by a member of the Alliance reveals that the Republic and the Jedi Order have both been infiltrated by an unknown number of spies known as the Children of the Emperor. Manipulated by the Emperor's power, these spies are ignorant of the evil lurking inside them. Not even the Jedi can sense their corruption. But with a full-scale war erupting across the galaxy, the Children are about to "awaken" and strike where the Republic is most vulnerable.

Chapter Three: The Children of the Emperor[]

Faced with undetectable infiltrators and a full-scale Imperial onslaught, the Consular and the Rift Alliance work together to recruit new Republic allies. The Consular rallies an army of powerful allies on the distant worlds of Voss and Belsavis and leads their charge to the embattled world of Corellia. There, the Children of the Emperor have fully awakened and spread chaos in the Republic ranks. Perhaps worst of all, the Childrens' leader, the "First Son" is revealed to be a trusted and longtime member of the Jedi Council.

Acting on the Consular's advice, the armies of the Rift Alliance gradually push back the Empire's forces on Corellia to uncover the First Son's hiding place. The determined Consular launches a last-ditch assault against the First Son's lair. In a climactic final battle with the galaxy at stake, these two masters of the Force cross sabers. The Consular ultimately defeats the First Son and emerges victorious. Without the First Son's protection, the Children of the Emperor are revealed to the Jedi, allowing the Republic to steel itself against the Empire. Meanwhile the Consular is saluted as a hero of the order, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Story missions[]


  1. The Path of a Jedi
  2. Pilgrims
  3. Trials in Kaleth
  4. Hunter's Eye
  5. The Footsteps of the Fallen
  6. Rajivari's Legacy
  7. The Forge
  8. An Afficted Master
  9. The Arrival
  10. Secret Signals
  11. The Flow of Goods
  12. The Coming Darkness
  13. Shadows
  14. Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

  1. The Expedition
  2. The Junction
  3. Rakghoul Invasion
  4. Super Reactor
  5. The Professor
  6. Running with the Lancers
  7. The Master
  8. Shadow Town
  9. Looking for the Little One
  10. Visions in the Sand
  11. Death in the Dunes
  12. The Ultimate Warriors
  13. Diplomacy
  14. Hostile Negotiations
  15. Crisis Situation
  16. The Summit
  17. A Return Home
  18. Vivicar Awaits

Chapter 2

  1. An Alliance of Opposites
  2. Our Points of View
  3. Watchers
  4. Executive Order 228
  5. Passing the Torch
  6. Attis Station
  7. The Coalition
  8. Into the White
  9. Cracks in the Armor
  10. Chasing the Legend
  11. To Serve the King

Chapter 3

  1. Counterpoint
  2. Hostile Population
  3. Category Ten
  4. Taking on the Asylum
  5. The Voice from the Tomb
  6. Fearless
  7. A Thorny Path
  8. Marked
  9. Signs and Signifiers
  10. Nightmares
  11. Deep Cradle, Dark Heart
  12. Shattering
  13. Descent
  14. A Fine Line
  15. Old Blood
  16. As Above, So Below
  17. Chaos and Harmony

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