Jedi Consular/Abilities

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Passive Abilities
Sprint.png [Sprint]
Shieldgeneratorproficiency.png [Armor Proficiency: Focus]
Lightsabers.png [Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber]
Melee.trainingsaber.a01 v01.png [Weapon Proficiency: Training Saber]
Vibroblades.png [Weapon Proficiency: Vibrosword]
Level Abilities Type
1 Forcevalor.png [Force Valor] Class Buff
1 Jkforcesensitiveorphan.png [Meditation] Rest
1 Saberstrike.png [Saber Strike] Melee Base Attack
1 Pileofrubble.png [Project] Light Ranged Attack
3 Shockwave.png [Force Wave] Cone Push
5 Forcestun.png [Force Stun] Hard CC
7 Skydrop.png [Force Lift] Soft CC
8 Agonizingsaber.png [Force Potency] Offensive Buff
9 Unwaveringresolve.png [Force of Will] Stun Breaker
15 Heroicmoment.png [Heroic Moment] Solo Buff
16 Forcespeed.png [Force Speed] Mobility
18 Mentalblock.png [Mind Snap] Interrupt
22 Movementslowed.png [Force Slow] Slow