So you have decided to follow in the footsteps of Satele Shan and play the Jedi Consular, the force-wielding, lightsaber-dueling, Jedi member sworn to protect the Republic. Let's get started!


The different races available for Jedi Consulars include:

And any other species unlocked by the legacy system.

Start of the Game

The Jedi Consular lands onto the peaceful planet of Tython. While exploring, the Jedi meets Master Syo Bakarn , A member of the Jedi Order. Master Syo explains that the Jedi's actual master is Yuon Par . After the conversation ends the jedi meets a rather worried  Yuon. She explains that there are holograms that are missing across The Gnarls. The jedi's first task will be to retrieve the 4 of these holocrons. 

Leveling Up

Leveling up is done by gaining experience points. Experience points can be gathered by defeating enemies, doing missions, resting in a safe non- combat area, legacy, lore, flashpoints, and even Player Vs. Player starfighter battles,arenas and regular warzones. 

Getting Around

A lot of missions will feature travelling to a location, doing something or killing someone, and then returning to the person who gave the mission initially. One way to speed up this process is to use the taxis that are scattered around each map. They are indicated with two yellow arrows pointing in opposite directions. Taxis cost credits, and can only travel to other taxi hubs that have already been discovered.

Another way to get around is to use quick travel. That is a special move that is located in the hot-bar on the bottom of the screen. It is blue and looks like a planet. After clicking on the quick travel button, select where to go, and the character will show up there almost immediately. However, quick travel can only be used once every 20 minutes.

There is fleet pass option available for players that have reached level 10. This allows players to travel back to the Republic Fleet (Carrick Station) once every 6 hours. If the player  has purchased or uses the app for a security key they can also buy fleet passes with a shorter cooldown time.


At level 1 the Jedi Consular gets the powers Project , saber strike, and double strike, quick travel, force valor and meditation.


Companions are Non-Playable Characters (or NPCs) who follow around the player's character. 

The companions gained by the Jedi Consular are:

Note: The Companions listed below are in the order that the Jedi Consular gets them. 

Further Information

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