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The character of a Jedi Knight arrives by shuttle on Tython, where they are greeted by Derrin Weller, then confronted with the pressing issue of an attack on the Temple's grounds by Flesh Raiders. Upon repelling these Flesh Raiders and helping to free other Padawans  Derren contacts the Knight and sends him to The Gnarls to seal a Flesh raider cave that is allowing the Flesh Raiders easier access to the temple. Inside the cave the Knight discovers a person named Callef, who is assisting the Flesh Raiders with his Force sensitivity. The Knight then defeats Callef and reports back to Orgus Din and Satele Shan.

During a meeting with the Council, Orgus takes the Knight on as his Padawan and sends them to Kalikori Village in order to help the Matriarch  with her recent Flesh Raider problems and also to repair relations between the Twi'lek refugees and the Jedi Order. After helping the Matriarch, Orgus informs the Knight that the Flesh Raiders are guarding their camp with an energy shield and that the two of them must shut it down. Upon destroying the shield, a Dark Jedi named Bengel Morr  a former Padawan of Orgus', warns the Knight that he will destroy the Jedi Order. Upon returning to Kalikori Village, it is revealed that the Matriatch of Kalikori Village passed away and her daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven is her successor.

After protecting Kalikori's crops from toxic Flesh Raider attacks, Orgus contacts the Knight with an urgent message. Flesh Raiders are venturing into the Ruins of Kaleth and he wants the Knight to find out why. Upon investigation of the Ruins, the Knight wanders into Bela Kiwiiks and her Padawan, Kira Carsen. Bela asks the Knight to set up holorecordings of the Ruins so that the Council may monitor Flesh Raider movements. Orgus then contacts the Knight and asks them to meet him back at the Matriarch's Compound.

Upon arrival, Orgus tells the Knight that there are several Flesh Raider bases scattered around Tython and that he wishes for the Knight to deal with one of them, located in Upper Kaleth. Upon examination of this base it is revealed that some Flesh Raiders have been trained in the Force, presumably by Bengal Morr. Orgus contacts the Knight yet again and reveals that the Flesh Raiders are planning a mass invasion and that Kalikori Village is in danger. The Knight returns to Kalikori Village only to be captured by the Twi'leks. It's revealed that they traded Orgus for their safety from Bengal Morr's wrath. A T7 unit that the Knight found on a previous mission has the key to finding Orgus and after communicating with the Jedi's archivist, the Knight then sets out for the Ancient Forge, a place of great historical importance to the Jedi.

T7 leads the Knight to the Forge and after searching through some caves and fighting through many Flesh Raiders, the Knight confronts Bengal Morr and is left with no other choice than to fight him. The Knight defeats Bengal and chooses to spare him, handing him over to the Jedi Council. Orgus then decides it is time for the Knight to craft their own lightsaber, so the Knight proceeds into the Forge to create a blue-bladed Lightsaber. The Knight then returns to the Jedi Council, who declare him no longer a Padawan and fit to become a Knight of the Jedi Order. The Council however have sensed more darkness in the Galaxy and sent the newly knighted Jedi Knight off to Coruscant to track down more darkness. The Knight stops by on the Republic Fleet first to catch a shuttle to Coruscant and in doing so, learns a more advanced discipline of the Jedi Knight life, becoming either a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel


Once the Knight arrives on Coruscant, they go to the Senate Tower where they meet General Var Suthra, Master Orgus Din, Kira Carsen, and Doctor Tarnis. It is then revealed to the Knight that the Republic has been developing a project called a "Planet Prision" and that the schematics had been stolen by thugs called the Black Sun. Black Sun had tasked a Rodian named Vistis Garn with the job, and Garn proposed the heist as his own idea to his main employers in the Migrant Merchants' Guild.

The Knight infiltrates the Migrant Merchants' Guild warehouse and recovers the stolen goods. They then confront Garn and defeat him and his turrets. The Jedi then notifies Agent Galen who tells them to return quickly since they have had a security breach. Vistis gives the Knight the data files and chooses to either let Vistis Garn go free or kill him; then returns to Agent Galen.

The Knight gives Galen the stolen files and Galen tells them that Doctor Tarnis was kidnapped while they were gone. Suddenly, Galen gets a message from Kira who pursued the kidnappers. She has pinned down the kidnappers can't hold them for long. Agent Galen asks the Knight to meet up with her at the spaceport and stop the kidnappers. The Knight and Kira break into the base, only to find that they were the decoy. The Jedis interrogate one to the kidnappers who tells them the doctor is at the Black Sun headquarters.

The Knight arrives to find that not only is Tarnis not there, but after catching the Black Sun leader speaking to a holo of Tarnis, the Knight finds out Tarnis is a Sith who faked his kidnapping for the Planet Prison project. Kira contacts the Knight, informing him the data files were fake and Tarnis has the real Planet Prison. They track Tarnis to the Jedi ruins, where he is speaking with his father, Darth Angral, and three other Sith, via hologram. The Knight fights Tarnis kills him, while Darth Angral watches, and Angral vows vengence against the Knight and the Republic.

The Jedi Knight returns to the base, having saved Coruscant from Planet Prison. It is revealed that Tarnis had transmitted details of the Republic's secret project to Angral and that it was traced to Ord Mantell. Kira is approved to go with the Knight and, with a new ship, the Knight and his team fly to Ord Mantell.

Chapter 1 (Strike of the Desolator)

Ord Mantell

Arriving at Ord Mantell, the Knight meets with an SIS Agent Ottau who located the trace and take T7 with him to help download the communications, while Kira stays behind to watch the ship. Once reaching the base, T7 finds design files for a world-killer weapon code-named Desolator. The Knight returns to find Kira held captive by a Sith, a follower of Darth Angral. The Knight defeats the Sith and frees Kira. They report to General Var Suthra about their findings and the general told them they've been getting reports about weapons facilities on various planets being raided, most likely to build the Desolator. He tells the Knight that facilities at Nar Shaddaa and Taris need to be secured.


On arriving at Taris, General Var Suthra informs the Jedi Knight that he needed to find Doctor Nasan Godera, the inventor of all the special Republic weapons. The Knight finds out that Imperial Intelligence is also searching for Doctor Godera. Gpdera's droid, RE-MO helps the Knight find the doctor. They reach the base, but Imperial's have already captured Godera. The leader of the unit, Watcher One, offers the Knight a deal, to give him time to administer truth serum and harmlessly extract information, in exchange for the location of a Sith assassin preparing to wipe out a settlement. Regardless, the Knight arrives to Watcher One's base and defeats him in battle and rescues Godera, and he joins the efforts in helping the Republic.

Nar Shaddaa

General Var Suthra warns the Jedi Knight that after the war, the Republic began working on a project to create the ultimate soldier, tough enough to fight Sith, a project called "Power Guard". He also says Agent Galen went to investigate, and has gone missing. The Knight needs to coordinate with an SIS agent to locate the project facility and the Republic operative running the project. The SIS agent, Chief Rieekan, informs the Knight where Galen went missing. The Knight finds messages Galen left behind, one included a message saying the Republic operative is dead, and that there was a recruitment center being used to obtain test subjects for the project. The Knight makes it to the recruitment center to find it overrun by Imperials. The Knight finds Vell Nerroc who tells them the refugees volunteered to be test subjects to fight the Empire. He says the Imperials took Galen to their leader in the Red Light Sector. The Knight finds the main lab and is greeted by a holo of Lord Sadic, a follower of Angral. He leaves behind an Imperial commander and a group of Mark One Power Guards to fight the Knight. The Knight finds a datapad to help find his next destination where the enemy could have gone. They take the datapad back to SIS base, only to find it was attacked, and the Chief was killed and now Tander was in command and wished to abandon the mission. The Knight convinces the remaining agents to help him and located the back up lab. The Knight finds Agent Galen who has undergone the Power Guard procedure and now under Sadic's control who forces Galen to fight the Jedi. The fight temporarily breaks the control and Galen tells the Jedi where Sadic and his Power Guards can be found, and dies before the Knight reaches Sadic. The Sith had upgrades and the Jedi Knight fights him, before the SIS agents arrive and find the data on the project, asking what the Knight wants to do with them.

After completeing the two missions, General Var Suthra says the Republic got a message from an Admiral Haklin, a close associate of Angral, who claims he wants to surrender and wants to meet at a mining facility and will only talk to Kira. The Knight and Kira arrive to meet Valis, who states the surrender was a deception. Kira knows he's a Sith and demands they kill him, and he reveals he is Kira's family and they are both Children of the Emperor. Kira and the Knight fight and defeat Valis. Kira explains that "Child of the Emperor" is a title for people who grew up in the Sith academy and were taken to meet the emperor, only to come back different with no memory of the meet. Kira ran away when she realized she was going through the same thing. The Knight and Kira go to the Jedi Council to inform them of Kira and the Children of the Emperor. General Var Suthra is also informed of the deception of the meet, and he tells them both Master Kiwiiks and Master Orgus have gone missing: Kiwiiks on Tatooine and Orgus on Alderaan. The two head to Tython to inform the Council of what they learned about Kira and the Children. The Council agrees that the best decision is to leave Kira in the care of the Jedi Knight.


Arriving on Tatoonie, General Var Suthra says Master Kiwiiks secured the weapon's facility before she went missing. Doctor Godera informs them of a weapon on Tatooine called the Shock Drum. A weapon capable of creating vibrations that could harm droids, people in close range, and can even distrupt the planetary core, causing it to explode. After getting through the Republic facilities, the Knight finds out that they were attacked by a Sith and he took the Shock Drum, kidnapped Kiwiiks alive, and leaving the other members unharmed. After restoring power, they find out the Shock Drum is activated. After discoving the location of the Shock Drum, the Knight is contacted by the Sith, Lord Praven, who has admitted to changing the deactivation code for the Shock Drum, and in order to retrieve it, the Knight would have to confront him. The Knight defeats the Sith and the opponent hands over the codes. Praven admitted that he left Kiwiiks in close proximity to the Shock Drum and the vibrations will eventually tear her apart if not stopped in time. After facing a Sand Demon the Knight arrives to stop the Shock Drum and saves Kiwiiks.


At Alderaan, Var Suthra and Godera warn the Knight about a weapon called the Death Mark: an assassination weapon used to tag people, making them a target of a laser weapon, which could strike them from anywhere on the planet. At the embassy, the Knight meets Count Alde and Aleyna Hark, who worked on the project. Aleyna tells the Knight that Master Orgus was killed by a Sith while protecting the facility, and the Sith stole the project, using Killiks. Suddenly, a small mark appeared on Count Alde, and he was killed by a laser before the Knight could save him. Getting to the research facility, the Knight finds his old Master, Orgus, alive, defending the facility. Orgus reveals Aleyna is really a spy, stealing the weapon and planning to mark people with it. The first plan is to try and cut power to the weapon, and is contacted by Lord Nefarid, another follower of Angral, who plans to set up a new power source. To find the weapon, they traced Aleyna to House Thul. The Knight goes to House Thul to find the weapon, while Orgus goes looking for Nefarid. The Knight arrives and meets Duke Horis Thul who is speaking with Aleyna. Aleyna fights the Jedi and loses, but she already set her marks on others, including the Jedi and destroys it to prevent it from being removed. She is knocked out by Horis, and he reveals the location of Nefarid. The Knight updates Orgus, and the Jedi Master reveals he was not searching for the Sith apprentice, but for Darth Angral, and he was on a cruiser to the Sith's ship. Upon arriving in the main room of the base, Nefarid shows a live holo of Angral killing Orgus. The Knight kills Nefarid, destroying the weapon. The Knight finds out that Orgus left a tracker on Angral before his death, tracking the Sith.

The Knight follows the signal to Uphrades, a flurishing planet that now appears to be a dead one, thanks to the Desolator weapon. The Knight hears a distress call from a near by ship and rescues the ship from the Imperials. He then finds out that Angral plans to use the Desolator on Tython in hopes to wipe out the Jedi.


The Knight and Kira go aboard, destroy the weapon, and face Angral. Before the fight, Kira becomes possessed by the Emperor, thanks to her training as a Child of the Emperor, before running away. The Emperor commands Angral to kill the Jedi and Kira is able to fight off the Emperor's control. After Angral is defeated, the Emperor takes control of Kira again, and the Knight has to fight her. After the Emperor is defeated, he threatens to kill the Jedi, even at the expense of Kira's life. Kira, however, fights his control again, and this time perminently breaks his control of her. The two return to Tython, and Kira is promoted to Jedi Knight, and the two Jedi are told to prepare for challenges in the future.

Chapter 2 (Hunt for the Emperor)

While on his space ship, the late Master Orgus Din speaks to the Jedi Knight, telling him that he must stop the Emperor and take the ship and head to Tatooine, to find a crashed starship. They reach the ship and find a Jedi, Jomar Chul. Jomar speaks to his master, Tol Braga, informing him of his status, and Jomar gives the Knight the sensor logs to deliver to the Council. The Knight reaches Tython and delivers the sensor logs, and he meets Tol Braga in person, who states he is creating a secret strike team, and asks the Knight to join them to capture the Emperor. The first step is to locate an Imperial fortress hidden by a cloaking device where the Emperor resides and they need to find it. He sends the Knight to Balmorra to meet with another Jedi who is investigating a way to pierce the cloacking around the Emperor's fortress.


The Jedi Knight meets with Jedi, Warren Sedoru, informing them of the plan. The Empire has a prototype cloaking device on Balmorra and they will need it to find away into the Emeror's fortress. In order to gain trust with Balmorra's resistance, the Jedi Knight saves the medical facility. It is there he meets the chief medic, Doc. Doc asks the Knight to retrieve some trauma kits the Empire stole in order to safely evacuate all the patients. Warren Sedoru meets with them after, and tells them that the resistance will help locate the device but need to have access to Sobrik, which is under heavy Imperial control. To lower security, the Knight creates false alarms at other Imperial facilities to draw them away from Sobrik. Using the computers there, they locate the area where the cloaking device is. Returning to Sedoru, he introduces a resistance leader who tells them one of there captured comrades might know where the cloaking device is, and if they wish to capture the base and rescue the prisoner, the Jedi Knight must disable the blast doors. He disables the blast doors and find the prisoner. The spy tries to mislead them into thinking the cloaking device was gone, but Sedoru detected her deception. She revealed that under threat of death, she told the Imperials everything she knew about the resistance. In an attempt to save herself from being executed by the resistance, she tells them the cloaking device is at the Balmorran Arms Factory. Doc offers the lead the way into the arms factory. Doc is able to collect data on cloaking research and find the resistance has secured the cloaking device and wish to keep it for themselves. The Jedi Knight obtains the cloaking device and gives it to Warren Sedoru, and Doc joins the Jedi Knight's team. After the mission, Tol Braga asks the Knight to find and help his Padawan, Sajar, who was a former Dark Council member before turning to the light. Orgus contacts the Knight again, saying the Knight needs to help.


The Knight meets Sajar, who has fallen into a deep depression for surrendering to his anger and killed Imperial prisoners. Sajar tells them that an Imperial officer wanred him the "Emperor's wrath" is coming to punish Sajar. The Jedi Knight defends the base as it is being locked down and meets the Emperor's wrath, Scourge. Scourge is intrigued by the Knight and gives up his mission to kill Sajar, and insists he will meet the Jedi Knight again in the future. After the mission, Tol Braga tells the Knight to head for Hoth.


Upon arriving at Hoth, the Jedi Knight is contacted by another Jedi named Leeha Narezz who informs the Knight that on Hoth, there is a vessal in the shipgraveyard which holds the technical readouts for the Emperor's fortress. The Knight is contacted again by Leeha and she tells him to rescue a Republic squad, who is lead by a Sergeant Rusk, and he apparently has vital information needed to locate the vessal. The Jedi Knight arrives in time to save Rusk and his remaining squad member, and received the survey maps of the starship graveyard. The Jedi Knight returns to base where he delivers the maps to Leeha, accompanied by Meedees, droids Leeha is training to someday become Force-wielders. They find the location of the vessal, and they head to it, with Rusk and his new squad as back-up. After facing Imperial troops, they find out the White Maw pirates stole the ship's databanks. They make it to the dreadnaught, which stands between pirates and Imperial forces. The Jedi Knight attacks one group, while Rusk's team attacks the other group. They retrieve the data and Sergeant Rusk is assigned by his superior to work with the Jedi Knight as a new teammate.

With both the cloacking device and the technical readings, the Jedi Knight is called back to Tython to discuss the stage. The Jedi form a plan to attack the base, but before they leave, Jomar tells them of a vision that the Jedi Knight will fall to the Dark Side if he goes to confront the Emperor. Braga and the other Jedi remain unconvinced and are resolved in their plans.

Emperor's Fortress

The Jedi Knight, along with Braga, Warren, and Leeha arrive at the fortress, with hardly any opposition upon arrival. The Jedi Knight arrives at the throne room, where the Emperor and Scourge are waiting for him. The Knight duels Scourge and defeats the Sith and the other three Jedi arrive at the throne room. The Jedi try to detain the Emperor, but they are all no match for his power and are subdued by him. Time passes and the Jedi Knight has fallen under the Emperor's control, being trained under the watch of Scourge. The Knight has another vision of Orgus, who tells the Jedi Knight to fight the Emperor's control. Orgus tells him to keep his freedom to himself and escape the fortress and his "dark ally" will help. A Sith Overseer arrives and asks the Jedi to help interrogate Kira, but instead, the Knight frees Kira. They two Jedi arrive at the hanger, to find Scourge has already freed the Knight's companions. Scourge tells the Jedi he had a vision centuaries ago of the Knight defeating the Emperor and wants to save the Galaxy from total destruction. He joins the Jedi and they fly to Tython.

Chapter 3 (Galactic Annihilation)

The Jedi Knight arrives to Tython with Scourge, who tells them that the Emperor plans to gain more power by wiping out life in the entire Galaxy. To do that, he needs to perform a ritual and he is planning on beginning the ritual by wiping out all life on the prison world, Belsavis. After he explains he knows the Emperor's methods, which he can't learn from a prison cell, Scourge is able to convince the Council to let him join the Jedi Knight in his travels.


Both Satele and Scourge warn the Knight about an Imperial called Executor Krannus, who is most likely involved in carrying out the Emperor's plans to wipe out life on Belsavis. The Knight's to meet a Jedi on Belsavis, but she was killed and another person, Pak Taldine, meets them to tell them that Imperials are near the main reactor, taking orders from a pureblood Sith. The Knight infiltrates the reactor and meets an Imperial who says the reactor was a distraction for the Jedi. After starting up the reactor, the Jedi Knight begins tracking Krannus. Pak Taldine gives the Knight a lead to find a Doctor Gantrell, who left a distress call being attacked by Imperials, being lead by someone describing Krannus. The Jedi Knight finds Imperials but Krannus has kidnapped Gantrell to gain access to the prison's power core. The on the way to the core, Krannus contacts the Knight, saying Imperials are also planting explosives around volcanoes which with cause eruptions and kill millions. The Jedi Knight reaches the core, and with the assistance of the Republic, they disable the detonation charges and kill Krannus.

After Belsavis, the Jedi is contacted by Satele, who tells the Knight of a gathering of high-ranking Sith at a space station under Emeror's orders and that the Knight should investigate it. They arrive and infiltrate the station to find Leeha Narezz under the Emperor's control, and has taken Jomar as hostage. After defeating Leeha and her Meedees, the Emperor's control on her breaks. Jomar tells the Knight that the Emperor sent a Sith Lord Fulminiss on a mission to the planet Voss. Jomar takes Leeha back to Tython for healing and the Knight goes to Voss.


The Jedi Knight arrives at the planet and begins tracking communications of Fulminiss in order to find him. The Knight traces the signal to a cave, and meets a Voss named Tala-Reh, who is searching for a Mystic named Valen-Da who left with Fulminiss and is missing. They are interrupted by Sith apprentices, who have gone mad. They Knight and the Voss learn that the apprentices were driven mad by Fulminiss and he's taken Valen-Da to the Shrine of Healing. The Knight enters the inner sanctum on the Shrine and find Healers has gone crazy. The Knight meets the spirits of the Mystics who have said they taught Fulminiss the healing ritual, and he perverted it, to increase his ability to make others crazy. The Knight delivers a holo left behind by Valen-Da to Tala-Reh. Valen talks about Fulminiss trying to unleash a violent plague that will drive all made and tear Voss apart, and that he and Fulminiss will be found at the Dark Heart in the Nightmare Lands. After retrieving maps, the Knight and Tala-Reh make it to the Dark Heart, where Valen-Da and Fulminiss are. The Dark Heart commands Fulminiss to kill everyone in the chamber and unleash the madness plague. The Knight kills Fulminiss and to stop the corruption of the Dark Heart from spreading, Tala-Reh goes into it to sacrefice herself, destroying it and saving Voss.

After updating Satele of the siuation on Voss, Satele tells the Jedi that Warren Sedoru had resurfaced and took a Republic spaceship, Valiant. The Knight boards the Valiant and makes his way to Warren, finding him under the Emperor's control, threatening the captain's life. The Knight fights and defeats Warren and the Jedi refuses to back down, saying he is beyond hope and that Master Braga is on Corellia, fulfilling the Emperor's plans.


The Jedi Knight is named commander of Jedi forces on Corellia and has help Republic fight Imeperials and find Braga. He finds other Jedi on Corellia. Meeting with Var Suthra, the Knight assigns a mission for the Jedi. After giving orders, a Republic agent tells Var Suthra that Braga is going to destroy Labor Valley. After locating the chemical facility where the Sith are making a chemical bomb and stop them. After meeting Doctor Godera, he tells the Knight he might have found the location of Braga who is creating turboblasters to wipe out an entire sector, killing millions. The Jedi destroys the lasers and returns to find Godera dead, killed by Sith. However, using Godera's data, they found Braga's location on a battle cruiser, set to explode over Corellia. The Knight stops the explosion and defeats Braga. Braga tells the Knight the Emperor is on Dromund Kaas waiting for the Knight.


The Jedi Knight and his team arrive on Dromund Kaas. Scourge located the Emperor's where abouts and they hijack a shuttle to infiltrate the temple. The Jedi Knight confronts the Emperor in the temple's throne room. The duel ends with the Emperor's death and the temple collapses.

The Knight and his team return to the Republic and receive their rewards for their fight against the Empire.

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