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Sith Empire Jheeg Sith Empire


StrongLevel 1 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Faction Sith Empire
Species Arcona
Gender Male
Health 235
Planet Hutta
Region Jiguuna
Status Alive
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jheeg was a male arcona infiltrator agent who worked for Imperial Intelligence during the Cold War against the Galactic Republic. On Hutta, he kept tabs on several different underworld dealings and made reports back to the Empire in the hopes of using the information against the Hutts. Despite not having a high security clearance, Jheeg was assigned the task of planting a false identity on an Imperial Agent working a mission on Hutta. He acquired both the identity and treasures necessary to present to Nem'ro, the agent's contact.

Before the agent's arrival, however, the treasures were stolen by a mercenary band, forcing the agent to track down and retrieve them. After the retrieval, Jheeg dropped out of contact with Intelligence, but called upon the same agent before the other's departure from Hutta. The Arcona informed the agent that the real Red Blade, the identity the agent was using, had landed on Hutta. Jheeg then dropped out of contact altogether.


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