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"Once an honored leader of a respected clan, the man known as Jicoln Cadera is now nothing but a specter–the lingering memory of a dark time for the Mandalorians. When the warrior Artus claimed the title of Mandalore and called the clans to fight alongside the Empire, Jicoln refused. He would not serve the enemy his ancestors had spent generations waiting for–the Empire that he was born to oppose–and his defiance incited others to rally to his side. The gauntlet had been thrown, and only bloodshed would determine the future of the clans. History ultimately favored Artus, his victory over Jicoln’s rebels legitimizing his bid to rule and earning him the title Mandalore the Vindicated. But Artus and Jicoln share a history beyond these campfire stories–one only the two of them know."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Jicoln Cadera was a Human male Mandalorian who was leader of the Crusader's schism, a splinter faction that supported the Galactic Republic, and an opponent of Mandalore the Vindicated, who supported the Sith. He was presumed killed when the Crusader's schism was destroyed. Cadera had a son named Torian. The presumption proved to be wrong, however. Following this realization Mandalore placed a bounty on the Blacklist for him, causing him to be chased by the best Bounty Hunters in the galaxy. Jicoln however proved to be an extremely elusive prey. Hiding out on Taris, Jicoln successfully evaded capture for nearly a decade, becoming one with his surroundings, Jicoln used the environment of Taris itself as a weapon.

As hunters continually gave up or died on the hunt, it was assumed that no one would ever catch him. As such the hunt for Jicoln became more a tradition than an actual hunt, each new Great Hunt Champion taking on the hunt as their first blacklist contract. During the start of the Galactic War however, Jicoln met his match when the newest winner of the great hunt, aided by Jicoln's son Torian, took up the hunt. Seeing the Champion as a potentially worthy opponent, Jicoln challenged the hunter to the "Game of Annihilation", a Mandalorian challenge where the loser not only died, but was said to have their legacy and all memory of them completely eradicated.

As Jicoln stalked the Champion trying to kill them, Torian successfully tracked his father and ambushed him at his base camp inside the wreckage of the Endar Spire. Unaware that Torian was his son Jicoln badly wounded him and escaped, but was wounded himself and forced to set up a camp elsewhere, where he was confronted by the Champion. Jicoln berated the champion for letting a novice (Torian) try to finish him, saying that the hunter and Mandalore were content to let younger people die for them. After he was defeated Torian appeared and confronted his father, revealing himself to be his son, learning this, Jicoln requested the Hunter to allow him speak with his son, the Hunter agreed and let him. In the end Jicoln was either killed by the hunter, his son Torian, or frozen in carbonite and sent to Mandalore, completing the oldest contract on the Blacklist.


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