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Jiguuna is a city on the planet Hutta. Nem'ro the Hutt is the self-proclaimed ruler of the city. This area has mailboxes and taxi services.

Story areas[]

Vexx's Safe House - The Corellian gunslinger Vexx maintains a safe house within the limits of Jiguuna. Vexx is wanted by the Empire for several thefts he carried out against Imperial military pay stations, making him a convenient, though dangerous, mark for any bounty hunters looking to establish themselves in the region.[1]

Lore objects[]


Mission start[]

Mission objective[]

Mission end[]


  • Burnok
  • Jheeg
  • Nemro's Palace Speeder <Transport Service>
  • Poison Pit Speeder <Transport Service>

Class Trainers[]

  • Lycus Mattle <Imperial Agent Trainer>
  • Zinny <Bounty Hunter Trainer>


  • Barlen <Weapons Vendor>
  • Dorheek <Social Items Vendor>
  • Hurdoc <Heavy Armor Vendor>
  • Medliuna <Medium Armor Vendor>
  • Vince <Light Armor Vendor>
  • Yerk <Specialty Goods>




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