"Few Gormak show the strength and cunning to become chieftains; to become king takes extraordinary intelligence, ruthlessness and skill. Driven by his burning hatred for the Voss, the veteran warrior Jokull has united the Gormak under his rule and devoted himself to destroying every Voss on the planet. He has sought out ways to improve his weapons, driven his warriors through exhaustive training and ordered his technologists to build dreadful machines of war. His strategies have been surprisingly effective, often catching even the experienced Voss commandos off-guard. Jokull’s single-minded aggression toward the Voss has made the Gormak more dangerous than ever. The Voss commandos are now becoming overstretched as they attempt to defend Voss-Ka. If Jokull’s campaign of violence cannot be stopped, it is conceivable that he may soon break through to Voss-Ka and burn it to the ground."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]


"Gormak king mad, wants endless war, destruction. Put me in cage for talking about reaching stars, finding peace."
―Hadrik, to the Sith Inquisitor[src]
King Jokull was an unusual Gormak that was more intelligent and physically different than most of his species. On the planet Voss, he united many Gormak tribes under his banner against the Voss and ordered his technicians to use advanced technology to aid in his genocidal goal. He gained the power of Sel-Makor that gifted him with the power of prophecy. The power Sel Makor gave to King Jokull crazed him enough that he came to believe that the Voss, that had similar powers, were all evil and must be destroyed at any cost.

At some point he jailed the Gormak known as Hadrik for not wanting to be a part of his plans, and having paranormal abilities. Both of these traits made Hadrik a sworn enemy to his Gormak bretheren, and an ally to the Sith Inquisitor Kallig.

Jokull either dies or gets captured by the combined forces of the Galactic Republic/Sith Empire, and Voss commandos in a side quest.

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