"Not everyone who walks around with a Czerka BTZ-47 heavy assault cannon is looking for a fight. In a few cases, they're more interested in opening a mutually beneficial dialogue. The Whiphid self-described "talent scout" known as K'krohl proudly raises his weapon as a calling card to announce that he's open for business and seeking a few good mercenaries.

K'krohl has recruited forces for a diverse array of clients, from the Hutt Cartel's Territorial Enforcers to Makeb's InterStellar Regulators and even the Republic SIS's Saboteur Squads. He believes that every criminal, no matter how despicable, has a hidden talent just waiting to be leveraged for the right cause. These days, his well-paying cause is to gather forces to fight for the Alliance against the Eternal Empire.
―The Talent Scout[src]

K'krohl is a male Whiphid recruiter or "talent scout" living during the Galactic War.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

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