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"Hulking, worm-like creatures with pincer legs and gaping maws of teeth, k'lor'slugs are among the most dangerous species on Korriban. Not only can they shear a man in half or swallow him whole, they can project their vile, venomous spit great distances. Hatched from eggs laid hundreds at a time by their queens and blessed with a short incubation period, these hideous monsters can infest and overrun an area in no time. A century ago, a notorious hunter named Riegenn Hetuu was contracted to bring a live k'lor'slug queen to an eccentric Hutt for a gala celebration. The beast was meant to be a highlight in the Hutt's annual gladiatorial tournament, but when Riegenn arrived on Hutta and opened his cargo bay, some four hundred k'lor'slugs poured out, consuming the hunter as well as the Hutt. To this day, the sound made when a batch of k'lor'slugs hatch is called "a Hutt's cry.""
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

K'lor'slugs, also known as Bogworms, are a race of large worms native to the planet Noe'ha'on. K'lor'slugs possesses a serpentine body propelled by many dangerously-edged legs. The mouth is a gaping circular maw filled with lamprey-like concentric rings of teeth.There are a few variations; the Greater K'lor'slug (pictured) and the Lesser K'lor'slug (also noted as Burrowers, Foragers and Broodlings).


K'lor'slugs are carnivorous hunters on their homeworld of Noe'Ha'On, possessing keen olfactory and visual senses in addition to a deadly venom. For reproduction, the creatures can lay more than 300 eggs in a single birthing period. When hatched, the young K'lor'slug is immediately ravenous for food. In addition to their aggressiveness, these creatures are considered pests aboard starships. They are known to invade the darkest spots on unsanitized space vehicles and breed. When dealing with more than 300 eggs hatching, an infestation aboard a space vehicle could become harder to control - and more potentially fatal - the longer it is tolerated.



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