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Kaleesh are a sentient species.


The Kaleesh are reptilian humanoids native of the planet Kalee. They have a reddish scaly skin, tusks and long nostrils, although it is very rare to meet a Kaleesh whose face wasn't obscured behind one of their traditional masks. The peculiar structure of their eyes and the thermal pits just under them allow the Kaleesh to see in the dark, and they have a keen olfactory sense.


The Kaleesh are known to be devoted to their religion and to their tradition, and a Kaleesh who accomplishes great deeds in life is thought to become a god in death; therefore, one of the most sacred areas where the Kaleesh perform their rituals are the burial places themselves. Their society is divided into several tribes, and minor conflicts among them are common, although when necessary the Kaleesh put aside their tensions to unite in order to fight their common enemies.

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