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Kao Cen Darach was a male Zabrak Jedi Master who was present at the Sith Empire's return to Korriban. He was one of Satele Shan's known masters.


After apprehending Nico Okarr, a smuggler who had been attempting to transport Sith artifacts from Korriban, Darach and Satele Shan were winding down the assignment on the Republic space station in orbit over Korriban. A disturbance in the Force distracted their attention just before Sith capital ships emerged from hyperspace and launched fighters to attack the space station.

In order to get word to the Republic, Darach released the erstwhile criminal from custody and helped fight past the Sith boarding parties to reach the smuggler's starship. Before they could escape however, the Sith Lord Vindican and his apprentice, Malgus, landed in the same docking bay and immediately attacked. Darach realized that this delay was jeopardizing the more urgent need to warn the Republic and the Jedi Council. He insisted that Satele leave immediately while he continued the fight against Vindican and Malgus, thus enabling his allies to escape on the smuggler's ship. As she retreated, Shan tossed her Saberstaff to her master, allowing him to fight both sith at once in a duel to the death. However, Jace Malcom, one of the two troopers with Darach, blasted one of the Sith, Vindican,  with a missile, distracting the sith. Darach was able to mortally wound Vindican, but Malgus, drawing on his anger, was able to slay Darach using his master's lightsaber.

Shan, upon Okarr's ship, and having a powerful bond with her master, feels his final moments as Darach is slain. She is distrought, but manages to push it aside.


Darach was a very skilled combatant. Not only was he very adept at using his lightsaber, he was also able to use Shan's double-bladed lightsaber in tandem with his own to great effect, even redirecting a blast of Vindican's Force Lightning to impact Malgus. He was also skilled in telekinesis to the point where he could hurl a large starship thruster at Malgus with little previous concentration.



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