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"The individual designated "Keeper" is charged with overseeing the Operations Division of Imperial Intelligence. It is Keeper who approves every infiltration into enemy territory, every execution of an enemy of the state–and it is Keeper who selects agents worthy of further training and advancement through the ranks. Keeper reports to the Minister of Intelligence, who reports directly to the Dark Council. This effectively puts a Keeper one step away from the absolute highest position any non-Sith can achieve in the Empire."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Keeper is the codename of the Imperial Intelligence overseer of the Operations Division. He has to approve of every action that is taken by Imperial Intelligence, such as assassinations or espionage. If he fails at his job in the eyes of his superiors, he will quickly be dealt with. The current Keeper has been at this post for almost a decade. Little information is known about the Keeper's life pre-intelligence, although Republic counterintelligence says that he was in the Imperial Navy.

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