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Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Planet [[Dromund Kaas]]

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Keeper (real name classified) is the Imperial Intelligence director of operations.


The man codenamed "Keeper" is the ultimate spymaster in the Empire. Charged with overseeing the Operations Division of Imperial Intelligence, Keeper approves every infiltration into enemy territory, every execution of an enemy of the state. He is responsible for the actions of his agents... and if he fails in the eyes of the Minister of Intelligence or the Sith on the Dark Council, he can be swiftly replaced.

The current Keeper has been at his post for almost a decade, balancing sublime skill at the game of espionage with equal affinity for politics and Imperial bureaucracy. He maintains his power by knowing when to obey orders and when to take initiative, and through ruthless weeding of his agents—those who show promise are treated harshly, but fairly, while anyone not up to standard is quickly removed.

Little is known about Keeper's pre-Intelligence background, though Republic counterintelligence believes he was once posted inside the Imperial Navy. Any military idealism he may have had is gone now—he's more dedicated to pragmatism than to honor, and beneath the guise of this unassuming administrator lurks one of the Empire's most dangerous men.

He is presumably behind such projects as Operation Morning Crest and Operation Starbender.


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