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When you click on him and he does not want to talk:

  • "When your enemies meet death, it is my face that shall greet them."
  • "My blade grows restless."
  • "Strength or death. That is your way."
  • "Oblivion awaits all."
  • "I tire of waiting."
  • "I follow your lead, little Sith."
  • "I have nothing to say to you, little Sith."
  • "The galaxy will once again fear the conqueror of Yn and Chabosh."
  • "Who shall I devour next?"
  • "Words are empty. Violence speaks louder."
  • "Death is always just one step behind."
  • "Your will shall be done."
  • "I am always watching."
  • "I have not yet sated my hunger."
  • "Start the killing. I will finish it."
  • "I await your command."
  • "I serve. For now."

Sent to gather/craft:

  • "A Shadow Killer always succeeds."
  • "If I must."
  • "At last a little freedom."
  • "Of course little Sith."

Returning from gathering/crafting:

  • "I hope this is well enough."
  • "I am triumphant."
  • "How else can I serve you?"
  • "These petty tasks are beneath me."
  • "I've accomplished your task."

Accepting gift:

  • "Is this for me?"

Dismissed/sent to sell junk:

  • "I will rest."
  • "Until next time."
  • "Watch your back."
  • "Sending me away does not make you safe."
  • "Goodbye."


  • "What do you want?"
  • "Don't try your luck, little Sith."
  • "I am famished."
  • "Master."
  • "At your command."

When he wants to speak with you:

  • "I wish to speak with you"

First conversation (after you complete last class quest on Korriban)[]

Khem Val: "You should not have brought me here, little Sith."

Khem Val: "You may have bound my will, but such bonds can be broken, and make no mistake I will devour you."

Player: option 1: "There's better things to eat."

Player: option 2: "I'll enjoy beating you again."

Player: option 3: "Silence, monster."

Option 1: +11 affection

Player: "By the time we are done, you will have fed to excess."

Khem Val: "My hunter is never slated, and you are no Tulak Hord. But I will serve you faithfully my master, until I am free."

Option 2:

Player: "The more challenging, the better."

Khem Val: "I look forward to ripping those words from your delicious throat."

Option 3: -1 affection

Player: "You are my servant now--you will speak when spoken to, and not before."

Khem Val: "I look forward to ripping those words from your delicious throat."