Kherus was a Pureblood Sith Lord of the resurgent Empire, serving under Darth Ikoral during his expedition to locate Purebloods he believed had escaped the Jedi's attempted genocide of the species, but had not joined the great exodus to Dromund Kaas.


Kherus was trained as a Sith Marauder, eventually earning the title of Sith Lord and becaming a servant of the influential Darth Ikoral in the years prior to the Sith Empire's return to the galaxy.

Kherus was presumably one of Darth Ikoral's apprentices selected to accompany him aboard the Red Reaper

After Ikoral failed to return to the Empire, he and his servants were celebrated as martyrs, honored by Sith for the following century. 

However, Darth Ikoral and his subordinates had indeed succeeded in locating thousands of Pureblood Sith. Upon return to Imperial space, Ikoral was disgusted with the alien species populating the Empire, and began attacking Imperial and Republic targets alike. On the third day of his master's "purification", Lord Kherus commanded a contingent of Ikoral's Sith in an attack on Chandrila Station. Under his leadership, the attackers had captured or wiped out all but a small band of the station's defenders. 

Unfortunately, an Imperial strike force commissioned by Darth Malgus boarded Chandrila Station, and cut through the rogue Sith intruders, assisted by the remaining Chandrila personnel. As the team secured the station and moved to board the Red Reaper, Lord Kherus engaged the Imperials in a brutal duel. Despite his power, Kherus was slain at the hands of the Imperial combatants. 


  • Lord Kherus is the first boss of the high-level flashpoint Red Reaper, encountered once players pass through the airlock from the orbital station to Darth Ikoral's dreadnought. 
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