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"Quick to anger and even quicker to throw a punch, Khomo Fett lives for the thrill of battle. His combat skill has let him outlive the average Mandalorian commander, earning him the nickname "Old Man" among his clan. Before Zakuul's invasion, Khomo forged Clan Fett into the strongest and most feared in the system. But Clan Fett's eagerness to drive Zakuul away led them to take foolish risks, and Khomo lost nearly all his warrior family to the Skytroopers. When Mandalore the Vindicated fell, Khomo's name was put forward as the obvious choice as successor. But the seasoned warrior refused the position, disgusted at the thought of planning battles rather than fighting them. Instead, he acts as Shae Vizla's eyes and ears on the battlefield. His fierce loyalty to his people earned Shae's confidence, and he quickly became one of her most trusted leaders."
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Khomo Fett was a Human male Mandalorian warrior during the fighting against the Eternal Empire Before the Eternal Empire's invasion on the galaxy, he forged Clan Fett into being the most feared and strongest clan in the system. But when the fighting against the Eternal Empire began, Clan Fett's eagerness for battle made them make foolish mistakes and caused them lot of loses. He serves as one of Mandalore the Avenger's most trusted advisers with Torian Cadera.


"We'll break the siege of our homeworlds and smash Zakuul like in the days of Neo Crusaders!"
―Khomo Fett growing ever excited during the siege on Zakuul droid factory.

Khomo Fett was known for his eagerness for combat and dreamed of bringing back glory days of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Despite Mandalore the Avenger had concerns about him, Khomo Fett was very loyal to his people and to Shae Vizla, to which earned him as one of her most trusted leaders. When his name was put forward for title of Mandalore, he refused. He was disgusted at the idea of planning battles then fighting them. Because of his combat skill let him outlive the avenge Mandalorian Commander, this lead him earning nickname "Old Man" by members of his clan.


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