"A veteran of battles on Dantooine and Velmor, General Korvan has years of experience defending resource-rich planets. Not only an experienced commander, he is also an accomplished diplomat used to balancing the requirements of the military with the demands of greedy corporations and the needs of workers. His unflappable nature made him the Republic’s first choice to handle the crisis on Quesh. General Korvan’s polished manners occasionally clash with his quick-tempered strategist, Major Treeg, who believes that with the right battle plan, the Republic could wipe the Imperial forces off Quesh in a day. Korvan has adopted a more patient approach to the Empire’s invasion, however, well aware that protecting Quesh’s mines and workers must take precedence over a full scale assault. "
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Korvan is a male human General of the Republic Army stationed on the planet of Quesh during the Cold War.

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