Kovor Ice Field
Kovor Ice Field
Target Fury-class Imperial Interceptor with escorts.
Vital statistics
Location Kovor Ice Field
Rewards Credits Credits (????) XP +3590
Level Available {{{available}}}

This Republic Space Battle along with the Pakuuni Defense comprise the two missions of the Operation Glory Cyclone player mission. To do this mission it is strongly suggested that Grade 3 Starship Upgrades or higher are equipped.


An Imperial fleet led by Captain Tervor "Riptide" Jheran has illegally engaged a Republic patrol surveying the orbital ice rings of the planet Kovor. Without immediate reinforcements, the overmatched patrol cannot hope to survive against the ace Imperial starfighter or his forces.

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  • Defeat a Fury-class Imperial Interceptor
  • Shoot Down Ace Mark VII Interceptors - 7


  • Neutralize the Enemy Fleet
Blow up the Interceptors and Turrets - 65
  • Expose the Capital Frigates
Destroy the Shield Generators - 10
  • Take Down the Enemy Command Center
Destroy the target area in the rear center of the enemy Destroyer

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


The following are the awards for completing the space battle (does not include xp for bonus quest):

  • Credits Credits (645)
  • XP +3590 (XP is reduced to XP +5 at level 40?)
  • 1 Fleet Commendation
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