Kuat Drive Yards
KDY flashpoint
For centuries, many of the galaxy’s largest and most powerful warships have been built by Kuat Drive Yards: a massive corporate complex of manufacturing plants and docks that form a ring around the planet Kuat. As a key part of the Republic war machine, Kuat Drive Yards has been one of the Empire’s primary targets for some time. Thanks to the strategies of the shrewd and ambitious Admiral Ranken, the time for an Imperial attack has finally come. However, Fleet Admiral Bey’wan Aygo, the Bothan leader of the Republic’s forces on Kuat, refuses to surrender such a critical war asset. The result is a fierce battle over control of Kuat that will see both factions calling on their greatest warriors to join the fray.
Level 15-54
Location Imperial Fleet
Previous Next
None None
Load Lifter BN-55 (Elite defender)
Jojun the Hunter (Elite defender)
AX-871 (Elite defender)
Drezin the Shipwright (Elite defender)
Len'na the Stalker (Elite defender)
Major Benes
Master Khoris
Station Guardian One
Lord Modo
Lieutenant Krupp
Kuat Drive Yards is a tactical flashpoint added with update 2.6. In this particular flashpoint, the players have augmented stats as level 55 characters.


Both Empire and Republic are grouping forces to lead an assault against the Kuat Drive Yards, the most famous shipyards in the galaxy. Needing the help of some elite fighters, a squad of elite combatants is sent aboard the shipyards built around the planet of Kuat; there the squad has to complete various missions to make their faction win the battle. 

Each scenario is randomly selected, but contains multiple enemies, bonus missions and objectives. 


Cannon Emplacements

Two shield generators prevent access to the station's main turbolaser cannons. Both must be destroyed in order to pass through to the cannons; once destroyed, all three cannons will need to be destroyed with nearby explosives.

Central Armory

The armory contains weaponry that can be deployed and used against opposing fleets. Take out missile caches, munitions stockpiles, missile warheads and bombs throughout the armory, and defeat a prototype war droid before it can be unleashed upon the fleet.

Hangar Bay

Forces from the opposing fleet have landed shuttles and deployed forces into the hangar bay. Defend and clear out the enemy forces, and defeat the strike team controlling operations above.

Holding Cells

The enemy has captured friendly forces and holds them in a prison facility. Unlock access ot both cell blocks, then unlock the cell blocks and release the prisoners. Be sure to get them all back alive if possible. 

Starship Assembly

This is where prototype starfighters are designed and assembled. The plans for a new prototype have been scattered across the room, and will all need to be collected and analyzed to be understood. After reading the plans, be sure to equip the correct propulsion, electronics and weapons systems to assemble the ship and have it sent to your forces. 


After the successful completion of two of the above scenarios, players will be presented with a boss-level NPC to fight as a last task.

Republic Encounters

  • Lieutenant Krupp
  • Lord Modo

Imperial Encounters

  • Major Benes
  • Master Khoris

Faction-neutral Encounter

  • Station Guardian One
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