Landing Party
Mission Data
Start Skavak
End Corso Rigg
Level 1
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Drelliad, Ord Mantell
Experience  ?
Previous Next
n/a Desperate Times

Landing Party is the first mission in the Smuggler's story arc. [1] The Smuggler will gain this mission automatically after disembarking their ship and talking with Skavak and later, Corso Riggs. The Smuggler must disable the Separatists' remote control stations for the defense gun so that the Smuggler can take-off again.


  1. Destroy the Remote Control Stations (3)
  2. Disable the Targeting Computer
  3. Return to the Hanger
  4. Defeat the Separatist Ambush
  5. Talk to Corso Riggs

Destroy the Remote Control Stations (3)

The Smuggler will have to leave the hanger and enter the main part of Drelliad, the village the hanger is in. On the way to the Remote Control Stations, the Smuggler will have the option of picking up another mission from Sergeant Blyes; Clearing the Air. The Smuggler will then continue into the heart of the village. Upon killing the first Separatist Solider, the Smuggler will automatically gain a Bonus mission; Take Back Drelliad Village. The Smuggler has to destroy 3 of the Remote Control Stations, which simply involving clicking on the stations and the Smuggler will use their blaster to destroy it.

Disable the Targeting Computer

After destroying the Remote Control Stations, the Smuggler will be tasked with disabling the computer controlling the targeting systems of the defense gun. Once the Smuggler reaches the building containing the computer, (s)he will attempt to disable the computer. The computer is unresponsive so the smuggler ends up destroying the computer with a few blaster bolts.

Return to the Hanger

The Smuggler will then get a holocomm from Corso Riggs, telling the Smuggler that (s)he needs to return the hanger immediately. The holocomm will then get cut off.

Defeat the Separatist Ambush

Upon returning to the Hanger, the Smuggler will be attacked by 3 Separatist Soldiers.

Talk to Corso Riggs

After defeating the ambush, the Smuggler will find an unconscious Riggs nearby. After waking Riggs, he will reveal that Skavak is actually a Separatist and stole the shipment of blasters, along with the Smuggler's ship. He will then suggest that you go see Viidu, his and Skavak's (former) employeer.


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