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Landing Party
Landing Party

Level 2 mission
Smuggler Class Mission

Planet Ord Mantell
Area Drelliad Village
Start Skavak
End Corso Riggs

Mission Chain


Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [2] Landing Party

Corso Riggs
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Disambig.png This article is about the Smuggler mission. For the Imperial Agent bonus mission, see Landing Party (bonus).

Landing Party is a level 2 mission available to Smugglers. It is obtained on Ord Mantell, immediately after the player arrives on the planet following character creation. This mission is the first part of the Smuggler class story line, and takes place in the area of Drelliad Village.


Skavak has been waiting at Drelliad Village's spaceport in order to receive and pay for a shipment of blasters. Once the shipment arrives, however, separatist activity in the area increases; several air defense cannons are captured, preventing vessels from entering or leaving the area. Should the smuggler that delivered the weapons wish to leave the planet, the separatists' control of those cannons must be disrupted.


You have arrived on Ord Mantell after piloting your way through the separatist blockade. Speak to Skavak in the Drelliad Spaceport hangar regarding your cargo.


  • Speak to Skavak
  • Destroy the Remote Control Stations: 0/3
  • Disable the Targeting Computer
  • Return to the Hangar
  • Defeat the Separatist Ambush
  • Speak to Corso Riggs


Notable quotes[]

Skavak helped those separatists get in here. He stabbed us in the back!"

"Last thing I remember was Skavak sucker-punching me. Looks like he and his separatist buddies stole everything!

~ Corso Riggs

Hang on... where's Torchy? I don't believe this! Skavak stole my blaster! Torchy's a genuine BlasTech ALT-25 with magnatomic adhesion grip and side-mounted rangefinder. She's too good for Skavak.
~ Corso Riggs

Not to worry. The Republic Army runs Fort Garnik, but they let the boss do as he pleases. He keeps their supply lines open. Viidu's a smart guy with connections everywhere. If anybody can find your ship, it's him.
~ Corso Riggs


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