Learning from the Best
Mission Data
Start Assistant Overseer Loun
End Overseer Rance
Level 2
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Sith Academy, Korriban
Experience 180
Previous Next
n/a n/a

Learning from the Best is a Level 2 Sith Warrior mission in which the Sith Warrior is directed to Overseer Rance for training.[1] The Sith Warrior will have to walk by Assistant Overseer Luon in order to complete Arm Yourself, so it is logically that this mission is picked up.


  1. Speak to Overseer Rance

The mission is completed by heading inside the Sith Academy and talking to Overseer Rance, who is the Sith Warrior Trainer.


Upon turning this quest in the Sith Warrior will receive:

  • XP +180


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