Lethality is one of the three Disciplines avaible for the Operative Advanced Class. It focuses on Damage-over-time effects.

The Lethality Operative firmly believes the one true gift that keeps on giving is poison. Dispensing potent toxins using a variety of methods, the Lethality Operative's attacks take a toll over time, corroding the enemy from within until all that's left is a withered husk that only thinks it still has a chance.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Corrosive Assault 10m Executes your Tactical Advantage to fire a volley of corrosive shots, dealing [x] weapon damage. For each of your posion effects present on the target, the target is culled for an additional [y] internal damage. Requires and consumes Tactical Advantage.
26 Corrosive Grenade 30m Hurls a corrosive grenade that spews acid in a 5-meter radius on impact, dealing [x] internal damage over 24 seconds to up to 8 targets.
41 Toxic Blast 10m 15s Deals [x] weapon damage and for the next 10 seconds causes the target to take an additional [y] weapon damage whenever it takes damage from your Corrosive Assault or a posion effect. Grants a Tactical Advantage.
57 Lethal Strike 4m 12s Ambushes the enemy for [x] weapon damage and [y] internal damage. If used while stealthed, deals [z] weapon damage and [w] internal damage, and grants a Tactical Advantage. Shares a cooldown with Backstab.
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