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Lethality (Skill Tree)
Faction: Sith Empire
Base Class: Imperial Agent
Advanced Class:


Lethality is the shared skill tree of the Imperial Agent's Operative and Sniper advanced classes.[1]. This tree focuses on debilitating enemies with venom attacks.

The following table contains the known abilities that can be gained from this tree:

Corrosive Gernade

30m (Sniper)

10m (Operative)

Hurls a corrosive gernade that spews acid in a 5-meter radius on impact, dealing [x] internal damage over 21 seconds to up to 5 targets

30m (Sniper)

10m (Operative)

9 Seconds 

Fires a volley of bolts at the target, dealing [x] weapon damage each second. For each of your poison effects present on the target, the target is culled for an additional [x] internal damage each second.
Weakening Blast

30m (Sniper)

10m (Operative)

15 Seconds Deals [x] weapon damage and causes the target to take 30% additional damage from the Agent's next 10 poison effects. Lasts 15 Seconds.


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